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The 24/7 Group has been operating in S.E. QLD since 1992 offering an integrated Security, Cleaning and Maintenance service to a diverse raft of Commercial, Industrial, Governmental and Residential clients providing a tailor made prompt and professional service delivered at competitive prices.

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8 August 2022

I could say most of us might have been facing a lot in relationships about cheating partners and infidelity and trying to get advice in clearing our doubts. Well, I want to say Thank you TRUTHEXPERTS INVESTIGATIONS for this. Actually, I wanted to make findings about my husband since I was feeling off and uncomfortable, until my colleague from work introduced me to this professional investigator expert and how he helped her with her findings and getting the needed information and proof in her case... I hired him agreed on an affordable price and I was able to track, spy and get my husband’s device and daily activities successfully without his knowledge, having full access to everything on his device, his text messages, listening to his calls, and gaining access to his social media activities (both WhatsApp and Facebook). I have no regrets in giving this positive recommendation as it worked for me and I strongly believe it might benefit anyone who needs it. You can contact the investigator by his mail at TRUTHEXPERTS@ yahoo. com

 I highly recommend. Thank you so much I am sincerely grateful. More...

20 May 2022

I'd recommend you contact this private professional ethical investigator on his private email at Premiumspyglobal@ Gmail com, for any type of forensic private job and services to be done. Remove negative reports from your credit score, spy to track and monitor anyone or your partner over infidelity without their knowledge, getting access to both deleted or encrypted messages and data, to following up all social media activities and instant messaging applications anonymously installed on any device, gaining full access to any mobile device, Camera view activation, access to monitoring real time GPS Location tracking and Phone cloning. PremiumSpy Global holds Prolific Professional Investigators, and they are one of the best groups (if not the best.) in the open market. I'm a living witness to their good service as it came through for me. More...

20 December 2021

Honestly, the best way you can actually
monitor and confirm if your partner is cheating is to hack into their smartphones.
Sadly my case was a case of infidelity truth be told I tried everything to get a solid proof that my ex wife was cheating on me but my efforts came to no avail. I was in
a long distance relationship because of the
nature of my job, my wife cheated on me times without number I just couldn’t get her in the act.
I decided to take a bold step after I read a review on here about SPYPHONEGHOST@AOL,com a professional Private investigator for a remote investigation on my ex wife. I provided some information without hesitation for him to get the job done.
In few hours I got a link where I was able to access and monitor her phone activities remotely without her knowing. I got to read all her received sent and text messages, also listen to calls and conversations, monitor his gps locations check her pictures and videos.
I found what I was looking for, I took legal actions and it broke my heart to a million pieces
Either way I won’t stop recommending SPYPHONEGHOST@AOL,com,
No one deserves to be cheated on. You should contact SPYPHONEGHOST@AOL,com for any excellent investigative related services.

19 December 2021

infidelity in relationships is quite
private but we can as well help each other to be better people because No one deserves to be cheated on.
If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you trust your instincts and take a bold step. I had a trial for a remote Private investigation on my husband to see if my instincts was right. Thanks to TRUTHEXPERTS@yahoocom for their exceptional services. I was able to gain remote access into my husbands mobile device. Text messages, pictures, voice calls, WhatsApp and messenger and all apps were directly on my phone through remote access.
He was a liar and manipulator, I was able to file for a divorce and move on with my life.
Thanks to this expert for their services in making me see the truth and making the right decision.


We offer a prompt and professional service delivered on time within budget not only generally meeting but exceeding KPI's


Residential & Commercial Mobile Patrols and Rapid Response
Mobile Patrols provide a certain peace of mind, and reassurance that your business or home is being monitored and guarded but more importantly being seen to be monitored 24/7 deterring potential thieves.

The 24/7 Group’s Mobile Patrol services operates throughout South East Queensland.

Our Mobile Patrol Team Provides:

Random Patrols
Residential – Suburban patrols and emergency response (Continuous – saturated grid style 24/7 patrols)
Open-up & Lock-up patrol services
Staff Escorts
Welfare Checks on night shift staff
Checking of vital equipment and machinery
Government Facilities | Hospitals | Commercial | Industrial | Retail | Building Sites | Schools | Shopping Centres
Mobile security patrols are conducted at irregular intervals, helping to protect your business, home and assets helping to provide an early detection and response to any illegal activities.

Our mobile security team are highly trained and proactive. They also detect such problems as potential fire hazards, and water damage.

Our highly trained security officers, cover all bases through our unique Site Operating Procedures. Our officers are ready to take on any problem encountered, ensuring your property is the best hands 24/7

24/7 Property Cleaning and Maintenance
The 24/7 Group offers comprehensive programmed or ad-hoc cleaning & maintenance services throughout Sth East Qld.
Services Include:

Hotels (Licensed Venues)
Hotels & Motels (Housekeeping Services)
Government Facilities
Retail & Commercial Properties
Shopping Centres
Residential Properties
Also Offered:

Programmed Ground & Building Maintenance
General Maintenance
Handyman Services
Licensed Electrical Services
Carpet Cleaning
Fencing and Gates (all types)
Landscaping – Gardening – Irrigation Systems
General Yard clean-ups and maintenance
Please feel free to contact us for an obligation free assessment and quotation.

Private Investigations – VIP Protection – Corporate Fraud Investigation.
The 24/7 Group offers a large and varied range of Private Investigation services and covert operations including:

Matrimonial Investigations
Undercover photographic surveillance
Corporate fraud and theft detection
Insurance fraud
Money escorts and transfers
VIP protection
Missing persons
Locating defendants / witnesses
Safe Housing
Factual Investigations (Insurance Matters)
Interviewing and Statements

The 24/7 Group in association with Collection Consultancy Australia offers an obligation free corporate assessment to ensure your company is fully compliant with all aspects of the current Privacy Policy Act.

Recent changes to the Privacy Policy Act allow for harsh penalties to any company that does not have an up to date and current Privacy Policy including Website Terms of Use.

The simple act of obtaining Trade References or asking for a prospective client’s name, phone number or email address can now expose businesses to massive penalties.

Below is a brief Product Outline of the services we provide to ensure your company becomes and remains compliant with the changes and amendments to the Privacy Policy Act.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions or Terms of Trade are the cornerstone protecting a business and it’s cash-flow. They set the rules by which a business extends credit to its clients. They are particular to than individual business covering the areas of risk for that business. They allow a business to Mark a Debts Credit File, on-charge any collection costs, enable the business to become a secured creditor with the same protection as the banks, and outlines the businesses dispute resolution policy.

Privacy Policy

A businesses Privacy Policy ensure that the business complies with the latest Privacy Legislation protecting the business from potential fines through both a Privacy Breach and Data Breach. It outlines how a business holds and managers its client personal information and allows the business to analysis their client credit worthiness. Under the new legislation a business can be fines $42,000 for simply asking for Trace references without the appropriate waivers in place. For the latest list of Privacy breaches go to https://www.webberinsurance.com.au/data-breaches-list

Subcontract / Independent Agreements

With the recent introduction of TPAR or Taxable Payment Annual Report, all businesses who engage Subcontractors or Independent Contractors are required by law to submit an annual record of all payments to the Australian Taxation Office. These reports are used to identify businesses who haven’t met their tax liabilities and could put the head contractor in a precarious position, if the ATO decides that the subcontractor or independent contractor are employees. A formal legally binding Subcontractor / Independent Contractor agreement formalises the relationship limiting the risk to a business.

Website Terms of Use

As a result of the latest changes in the Privacy Legislation, businesses who have a website must have Website Terms of Use included as part of their Privacy Policy associated with their website. The Storing and Securing of the Information collected through their Website, as well as their Data Protect Policy, Cookie Policy, Copyright and Trademarks Policies to name a few, need to be incorporated into their Website Terms of Use. A businesses Website Terms of Use forms part of a business’s overall Privacy and Data Protection Policy under the recent changes to the Privacy and Data Protection Legislation.

Chattel Leases

Chattel Leases are now an essential part of the standard structure of any businesses who has traditionally used a Trust or Holding Company to protect their assets. Due to the introduction of the PPSA Legislation a Trust or Holding company no longer protects the assets of a business without a PPSA Registration. By using a Chattel Lease which incorporates the appropriate PPSA Legislation a business can now register their Lease Agreement on the PPSA Register thereby securing their ownership and title of their assets. Without a Chattel Lease a business will more than likely lose any assets previous protected by their Trust arrangement.

HR Management Packages

With the constant changes in legislation and the endless opportunities for employees to seek assistance in what they deem to be Unfair Termination or Dismissal, employers are under ever increasing scrutiny to prove their innocence and limit their liability. By having a structured templated system which starts from writing a Job Description, through to Interviewing Techniques and performing Performance Reviews, right through to ultimately Terminating an Employee and Conducting Exit Interviews, a business can ensure they stay between the guideline negating the possibility of potential litigation.

The Collection Consultancy Australia HR Management Packages are designed for businesses who have a potential need to manage their employees without the expense of employing a dedicated HR Manager, or for a HR Manager new to the industry who wants a templated system to follow without huge ongoing monthly expenses offered elsewhere.

Employment Agreements

Whilst an Employment Agreement is included in the Collection Consultancy Australia HR Management Package quite often a business will employ more than one type of our employee. Due to Legislation and conditions each type of Employee requires a separate type of Employment Agreement. Collection Consultancy Australia Supply Permanent, Part Time and Casual Employment Agreements.

Business Owner Loan Registrations

Business Owner Loan Agreements are designed to formalise any loan agreement between Shareholders, Directors, Investors or Partners to a business. The Loan Agreements formalise the relationship and can set out repayments and any applicable interest associated with the Loan Agreement. A major aspect of the Loan Agreements is the ability to register the loans on the PPSA making the lender a secured creditor over the business they are funding providing a level of security not previously available. This is especially important when dealing with the ATO if the business is going to claim the TAX benefits associated with the loan or the interest paid on the loan.

Debt Collection

Collection Consultancy Australia offer our Debt Collection Service through our Online Portal were, once a business has filled out the client authorisation, debts can be loaded on an individual basis. Simply follow the online prompts and your debts are automatically loaded into our collection system with a 30 to 45-day turnaround. Our Commission schedule starts at 7.5% for collection in the first 7 days, and a maximum of 15% thereafter. And the best part – No Collection No Commission

PPSA Registrations

Collection Consultancy Australia also offer an Online PPSA Registration Service through our PPSA Portal. Simply follow the online process adding the relevant documentation and we will handle everything from there. Either 1 or 1000 registrations can all be handled online. We will also provide you with your verification statement and even set up your PPSA account to ensure the registration is allocated to your business. The cost is $29 per registration which includes the $6.00 Government Fee, but ensures it is done correctly without the wasted hours to trying to do it yourself and elevates the uncertainty of not really knowing if it’s been done correctly.

Products and services supplied in conjunction with Collection Consultancy Australia Pty Ltd