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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Melbourne Designers bringing impactful branding and web design to life.

Branding Specialists in helping business visionaries showcase their brand and gain mass exposure by building impactful websites and visuals through Brand Design, Web Design, & Web Maintenance Care.

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2 November 2020

The journey from the set up to completion and launch of my web site was made easy, smooth and very professional. Technology is not my strength so to have a team that was able to coach me through branding styles, content and flow of a website was invaluable. No task was too hard! I will continue to work with the team with Spiral Orb ongoing as they not only are experienced professionals in website development but actually care about the needs of the client. Would highly recommend! More...

1 November 2020

I have loved working with the guys at Spiral! They are so fast and so incredibly creative with how they work and their customer service is next level, my new website is incredible and I am so happy to have found them - highly recommend!!!

24 October 2020

The Spiral Orb team are super organised and great to work with. I was excited to have such a thoughtful group working on my website project. Looking forward to launching it!!

23 October 2020

It was fantastic when my business took the leap to partner with Spiral Orb to build our new website. The value you get working with the team is incredible, and it's clear how much time, thought and passion for the community has gone into making Spiral Orb the business it is. Spiral are fast, attentive, professional and approachable. Highly and easily recommend this wonderful team. We've signed up as an ongoing client and couldn't be happier.

PS. I learned about Spiral Orb through the rave reviews of two friends (and the visual evidence of their new sites!).

21 October 2020

I had my website hacked with only the Turkish flag flying as my website!! Claudio and his team at Spiral Orb Design helped me get my website back up and running clean out all the malware and with the monthly maintenance has kept my website up and safe from cyber attacks.
I am currently working with his team on another site and have a third web site that I could not see anyone else do but Spiral Orb Design. Their team is professional, attentive and make sure you the website you want is what you get. I highly recommend their services.

21 October 2020

From the first meeting I had with Claudio, I was immediately ready to hand over my new website design to Spiral Orb.
He was honest, authentic and easy to talk to.
Not only did I get exactly what I imagined in my head, David, Claudio and the team went above and beyond to deliver an amazing platform for me to share my magic.
I also hired Spiral Orb to replenish and add custom bookings to my existing business web site and was very impressed by the quick response and turnaround of changes which saved me many times!!
I couldn’t recommend them more.
They are a professional, friendly and amazing team, led by an amazing human in Claudio.

21 October 2020

I am capable in many areas, and yet IT is not one of these areas. So I get excited by what I see you can accomplish with the right support, branding and web site development, and yet I still believe it's really just all magic! !

Claudio, Laura and Kate and all the Team Members at Spiral Orb understand where you are at, acknowledge this, and then start leading you to where they know you need to go next.....step by step.

I would be a potentially frustrating client to work and yet they have always been there ..upholding my vision, my business .... and how to communicate this globally. They have also referred me to other businesses for specific services, and without exception, the people I have been referred to, have reflected the same commitment to quality and integrity in the way they deliver their product.

Congratulations Claudio.. to you and to every Team Member who represents Spiral Orb .... I think you are sensational!
Cathy Horder

20 October 2020

Spiral Orb Designs are amazing at what they do! They are prompt and get the job done amazingly. My websites I had with Spiral soon become my business card for my small business' and online portal for clients. Their value stands above the rest and they always go that extra mile. Thank you so much to everyone at Spiral Orb. I didn't ever think that having a website and maintaining it would be so easy and quick! More...

19 October 2020

I have been a client of Spiral Orb Designs for 2+ years and love their whole model for website support! I may not need their help every month, but I pay a small retainer to have them looking out for my site month in and month out, and when I do need work done, the time is built up over the months to allow me to get work done as and when needed - without having to find the budget to do so. Claudio is brilliant at aligning brand with vision and purpose, and has given me much to think about and implement over the years. This is seriously a digital agency that is disrupting the whole website development industry! More...

19 October 2020

In such a competitive market, sincerity and compassion are almost non-exsistant but this is where Spiral design differs from the pack. Not only are they the gold standard for web services but doing so from a heart-centered philosophy. Highly recommended. More...

19 October 2020

For all your web needs these guys are the best!

World class service
World class designs
World class business

If your needing some help then look no further than spiral.

Give them a call you won't regret it.

19 October 2020

Spiral Orb Designs have created world class branding and websites for me that are unparalleled in terms of world class quality and creative design. From the initial stages until completion and even afterwards; Claudio, David and the team have been in my corner and have helped bring my brand and my vision to the world in a way no one before them has been able to. Highly recommended on every level 🔥 More...

26 March 2020

claudio and the staff at spiral orb designs were absolutley fantastic in there professionalism and effiency in getting my web site up and going. very happy with result , highly recommend claudio and staff at spiral orb designs. More...

25 March 2020

Joining together with Spiral Orb was a wonderful experience. I have 3 websites that have been built at different times and managed by different people so to be able to bring them to the one place to get them managed and changed has been very time effective.

Aside form the obvious boost in efficiency the team at Spiral Orb have been very organised and punctual which has made progress a lot easy to achieve!

I would recommend everyone to engage with Spiral Orb, their process is like nothing I have dealt with before and they come from a place of absolute integrity.

25 March 2020

Because I know so little about the world of tech, I needed someone who could steer me in the right direction for an update on my website. I was recommended to Spiral Orb and have no regrets at all over the contact.
Claudio and his team delivered everything they promised, were creative, reliable, patient and professional, and I'm very happy with the end result.
Thank you spiral Orb.

25 March 2020

I have been working with Spiral Orb for over a year now. I am busy running my business and need a professional organisation to look after our websites. If you are looking for someone to look after your websites i feel confident to recommend Spiral Orb. More...

24 March 2020

Before working with Spiral Orb we had had some terrible experiences with web developers including being completely ripped off!
Spiral Orb have followed up on all promises and have been great to deal with.

If you are a small business this group are patient and step you through the process at a pace that suits you

24 March 2020

Working with the Spiral Team & Claudio is amazing. Have worked on multiple projects with them, always great to deal with, well and truely go above and beyond to get the result. Customer focused, couldn't recommend highly enough. More...


Strong Identity and brand representation across your site.

You'll want to really target specifically on your ideal client through visuals and copy (your written website text)

Having a strong background story themed on your website will also make you stand out.

Remember that you are competing with multiple of businesses all doing what you are doing.

Be brave and even vulnerable in what makes you different and why your ideal clients and customers should care.

What's your personal vision for yourself and for your business?

What are you actually looking at wanting your website to do for you?

How do you currently get business?

Are you looking for a team who can grow your brand along side you?

What are inspirations you've come across that you would love to implement into your site?

Do you feel your brand ideology has a strong foundation? If not would you be open to evolving it to attract more ideal people such as clients, partners and doors that open up opportunities for your business?

As the director and branding specialist on the team, helping brands rapidly grow, buy back their time, build out systems and educate our clients on the different growth strategies that are possible out there without needing to spend a lot of money on marketing.

These are all bonuses of having built up 4 brands over 9 years that give us a leading edge in serving and exceeding our client expectations.

We started Spiral Orb Designs for two reasons.

1. By demand, with the skills and talent we harboured,

2. And because we we're disappointed in the industry so we wanted to help people avoid these bad digital practices by supplying a service that exceeds both ours and client expectations.

Fast track almost 4 years and we are a team of 7 individuals maintaining a high reputation and over-delivering in our services and value without financially taking advantage of our clientele.

If the above reasoning isn't enough..

Our team are all here in Melbourne.

We custom price to all of our client needs and will have their best interest in heart.
We have an innovative client-designer-team relationship management through the project.

We value CHI above all else.

Contribution | Honesty | Integrity

We'll never operate outside of these 3 values.


This is focused around evolving your brand's identity to make it stand out from the crowd and have it represented as a strong brand.

We put together a beautiful brand guideline including an aesthetically-effective logo, typography, colours, tone analysis and mood board which are visuals on how to use your brand.

This guideline can be given to your web designer, social media manager, digital marketing company and other brand growing businesses to create effective visuals and campaigns.

Lastly, you get a Brand Communication session at the end where you'll learn how to effectively use your brand to attract ideal clients, create powerful partnerships with those who share your clients and how to bring your brand forward to businesses/individuals who will open incredible doors for your business.

Our signature service. Our designers are hybrids between creating beautiful web design that represents you and your brand correctly, to great back end development right through to effective communicators and business-savy mindsets.

They are coached and trained to work with business owners understanding their needs and requirements.

We have a 8 stage process and effective communication systems that lead in innovation and make working on big projects such as web design a smoother process then you could thing.

Being labor-heavy we prime on delivering an effective ride from start to finish. That's a guarantee

We offer website maintenance packages that give you the best in security, backups, speed optimization, audits and updates all on your behalf. We also offer free website hosting for our web care clients along with website audits to keep your brand relative and up to date.

Have our agency become apart of your team. This service builds internal digital systems for your team as well as acts as a concierge to your business growth.

Best for business owner's who are expanding and growing and need their systems and processes primed to handle growth.