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My coaching process is centred around you and your needs. It's not one-size-fits-all.

It's about making space for you to feel listened to so you can talk clearly about your needs, goals and hopes, and the things that are getting in the way of you growing and expressing yourself.

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I love making space for people to feel like they can explore what they need to with compassion and without judgement. And there's nothing better than seeing someone growing, whether it happens over time or whether there's one moment in a session where I can see a client's eyes light up when they realise something about themselves that they didn't know before.

I started teaching many years ago, mainly mindfulness and acting. I kept doing it because I loved seeing the benefits people got from our classes. Coaching and counselling grew out of that. I enjoy working with people in groups as well as one-to-one, and love the variety that comes with working with people in different contexts, different companies and different industries. I also want to build some books and courses to get more information out to help a greater number of people.

I'm working remotely at this point. That's mostly because of COVID but also because most of my clients find me online from other cities or countries. Even people in Adelaide often prefer to work online because it saves travel, so I'm entirely Zoom-based at this point. I have worked in person in the past but it might be a while before we get back to that.


My clients have been team members and department leaders in industries ranging from tech cos, public sector departments, and media companies in the US and Australia. If you're stuck or want something more from your work life, we can look at your situation, what it's telling you about your work, where you are in life, and who you want to become in your work, and the hidden opportunities that your stuckness is suggesting. Other areas I can offer help include: relationships and communications with direct reports, practical tools for building and developing leadership mindset and team skills, balancing personal life events with professional responsibilities, depression and anxiety in leadership roles. Please feel free to ask if there's something else you would like to work on.

Coaching looks at the problem you're facing and works to bridge the gap between where we are and where - or who - you want to be. Our work together will help you identify that purpose, clarify your goals to , and to take steps in the direction of growth, healing and even transformation. We'll build on your strengths and unique abilities as we work towards one of a number of possible outcomes: balance, a more stable and constructive mindset, working through personal and work barriers, spiritual questions, and more.