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Christine Martin
Counsellor and EFT Practitioner

Stress management
Self-esteem development
Anger management
Self-Development programs

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2 September 2020

I can’t speak highly enough of Christine and what she does. To say she has changed my life for the best is not an exaggeration.
Through EFT or Tapping, Christine has been able to dislodge and then diminish childhood traumas so I am no longer living with the emotions (that I have had my entire life), which has changed not only my behaviours but how I feel and what I now experience.
I now love life and am no longer hindered by my anxiety or limiting beliefs.
And the only thing that has changed is me, my circumstances are still the same but I experience them very differently. I always dreamt that this feeling could exist, and now it’s my reality. Without Christine none of this would of changed and I can’t thank her enough.
If everyone had a session with Christine the world would be a different place.

Thank you for your kind words, Bianca. It gives me much joy to witness your resilience and the positive changes you are experiencing. It is a pleasure to work with you.

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I love to connect on a deeper level.
I feel privileged to learn about people's stories and what lead them to where they are at.
It's great to witness the shifts clients experience, the lightness and smiles on their faces.
Human resilience is truly amazing.

I see people's beauty and potential, but so often we are held back by fear or self-doubt.
I want to pass on the strategies and tools that helped me on my journey of inner growth, so they can learn to shine their light and in turn ignite the light in others.

I am compassionate, a good listener, non-judgemental and caring.
I have life experience and wisdom.
I help clients to get to the core of their issues.
We heal the wounds of the inner child.


I help clients to discover what holds them back, getting to the core of the issue, healing wounds from the past.

I use techniques that take modern research into account to help turn negative thoughts and feelings into positive insights.
Witnessing clients move from fear, confusion or self-doubt to clarity, confidence and self-love brings me the greatest joy.

This self-growth and these positive energies ripple into all areas of your life. They affect how you think, behave, how you feel, relate and react. And in turn it will influence how you are treated by others and what you attract into our life.

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