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Private Women's Health Counselling Online - (For Women clients only, or couples partners) - Martin 30 years experience - call/txt 0414 737 045. FREE Intro Chat then 1hr/$50+ or 6x1hr/$270+ . Emotional Stress, Relationships, Sexual Issues, Body Image, Grief, Abuse, Trauma, PTSD. Non-judgemental care.

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3 June 2020

My husband is a very gentle and smart person, i started having a feeling that made me believe he was cheating on me, but there was no way i could establish it. He is so calm and easy going, so there is no way anyone would think he could be cheating on his wife, but i had a feeling he was cheating on me. Now let me tell you what he does, after all the conversations and chats, he immediately delete all chats and messages that can implicate him, so i hired a legit hacker, called “Willim” to help me to read messages even after they had been deleted, the hacker did his thing without touching my husband's phone. That was how i was able to discover all the secrets of my husband with the lady she was cheating with. I gained access to his WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Deleted messages and Chats, Mails, Photo Gallery, Calls and more. I recommend this legit hacker to anyone who want to hire a reliable hacker. You can contact the hacker via CLOUDBASEHACK at g mail com More...

24 April 2020

I have been suggested to get councilling so I looked up therapists and Bark was one of the sites that came up. I had a look at some of the companies and I chose this one. This service I believe will be good for me in the future and will keep building my confidence in life and change. I would definitely reccomend this to others I know who need councilling and I will continue with these guys as I am quite comfortable and already am enjoying what I am seeing come out of it :) More...

Hi Brooklyn, it was a pleasure to be of service. Thank you for your kind comments! - Martin

12 April 2020

I suffer with self esteem and body image issues. I have been working towards confidence through therapy and which has helped a lot. The service is really good and very trust worthy I feel safe and completely comfortable. I feel like I’m being herd and understood while working through tough and big life decisions:) More...

Dear Ellen, your kind gesture of a deep felt review is totally awesome - a huge thank you in return - Martin & staff.

12 April 2020

Martin was very caring and gentle. He is very calm and supportive when things are emotional and sensitive.

Dear Cristela, thank you for your vote of trust and confidence in our service - Martin & staff.

12 April 2020

Honest, helpful, direct to the point and filled with lots of compassion and understanding. There is a clear action plan and direction towards my healing.

Dear Lily, we appreciate the time you have taken to provide a very thoughtful and informative review - thank you - Martin & staff.

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Client Trust In a Relaxed Environment - clients can be 100% open and honest in a totally private clinic or online setting - no judgement - no guilt - no embarrassment - no need to justify yourself - no fear.

After years of working in the Health Dept, it's clear that the unique needs of each individual female client was more than the standard public system was offering. A private holistic clinic for females only was the answer - personalised and private nurturing care.

The clinic only works with women - with years of experience in the field - it's a passion - we're on YOUR side - and we don't forget it - nor do we push you aside no matter what choices you make in life, before or after counselling.


Body Image, Self-worth & Confidence, Dating after a split, Personal relationships - traditional / open / polygamy.
Couples: females to initiate request, (no unilateral male requests as we are a women's health service).
High or Low sex drive issues, Cheating, Sex after child-birth or change in body-shape, Foreplay / orgasm issues, Social harassment, Social media issues / dating.

Child Molestation, Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Mental Abuse, Manipulation - personal, financial, social

POCS, Infertility, Obesity, Pregnancy emotions / sex, Child birthing trauma, Post-natal depression, Incontinence, Period pain, Penetration pain, Pelvic floor issues.

Whether it be the past or the present, or worrying about the future, reaching out to talk about some one or something painful is the first step to recovery. Nurturing care of such a precious topic is assured.