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Red Kite is a small but mighty creative studio based in Brisbane, Australia. We are passionate about all things design, specialising in branding, logo design & identity.

At Red Kite we love a challenge and are always excited to connect with new clients.

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At the outset of any logo design or branding project it is important for us to get as clear a picture of your business as possible. Our process begins with an in depth conversation about your company, your goals and what we want to achieve and the end of the project.

Armed with this key information we will spend time planning and researching before we put pen to paper (or iPad) to ensure the design decisions we make are based on logic and results driven, rather than purely aesthetics.

With a clear picture of the business, your audience and the market we are designing for we will start by sketching many rough designs. This helps get the creative juices flowing allowing us to choose the very best ideas to refine into our initial concepts.

For logo designs we will pitch multiple ideas that we feel meet your unique requirements, allowing for you to pick the one which you like the best. This will then be refined to until we are left with the perfect logo that ticks all the boxes!

From here we work with you to define your new identity and carry this across every touchpoint of your business. This can include everything from stationery and document design, to signage, advertising and digital materials.

We like to round off a project by creating you a custom brand guidelines document. This summarises all of the decisions we have made and the unique DNA that makes up your new identity.

We understand that every business is different, with its own unique set of requirements. Our process is therefore completely flexible depending on the project at hand. If you need help with a logo or branding project of your own get in touch. We would love to help!

For more about our creative process check out: https://redkite.design/logo-design-process/


We offer logo design services for businesses of all sizes and backgrounds, from fledgling start-ups to long-standing corporates.

Logo design is an integral part of any successful business. When done well, a carefully considered brand can elevate a company to new levels of success and profitability.

Our in depth logo design process guarantees an outcome that not only looks great, but is appropriate for your business's unique requirements, as well as aligning with your future goals.

Check out some of our recent work here:

As well as logos, we design full identity systems. This includes every touch point of your brand from corporate stationery and business cards, to social media profiles and digital advertising. Every point where consumers encounter your brand is an opportunity to impress and expand your audience. Our identity design packages ensure your brand is consistent, competitive and always looks its very best. Check out some of our recent branding work at: https://dribbble.com/RedKiteDesign