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Get a free quote from this professional

‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


PLEASE NOTE: Owing to the number of enquiries I receive, you need to contact me via email option or from my website - www.lilyagarwal.com. I will call you within 24 hours if you do that.
My fees is $650 per session. You only need 1 to 3 sessions.

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30 April 2021

Lily was a very understanding therapist that took her time to understand my issue. I had uterine fibroid symptoms such as very uncomfortable fibroid pressure, constant bladder pressure, constant need to urinate and go to the bsthroom. It was so bad that i had trouble sleeping at night. I had trouble sitting for a long period of time because the pressure made it uncomfortable. I also had trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep due to the pressure pain. I also felt the size of one of the fibroids. After three sessions, my symptoms have improved so much so that i hardly feel pressure anymore. I am able to sleep throughout the night and sit for long periods of time. I also think the fibroid has shrinked a bit because it feels flatter. I also feel less stressed and anxious as a result. I will continue to listen to her recordings until my fibroids are completely gone. She did a great job with my symptoms and gave me hope that there is a cure for fibroids. More...

11 March 2020

Lily Agarwal is truly awesome. Apart from healing a friend, she healed my sick, traumatised cat! No vet could cure him. Lily cured him in an hour of therapy. Amazing. ❤️

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9 December 2019

I had a session with Lily over a zoom call regarding my internal understanding of my childhood and upbringing as a young adult. She really took her time with me and helped me understand my own life story and the way I react to certain situations to be more ME from now on. This Lady has a 6th sense and she uses it! :) Thank you for helping me realize and grow from within! More...

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4 November 2019

I asked for Lily's help with a complex emotional challenge in my life. She was very thorough in understanding the problem and helped me discover the root cause of my issue while giving me a clear understanding of my position. I felt so much better afterwards! I highly recommend Lily's work to whoever wants to improve te quality of their life. More...

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24 September 2019

Lily Agarwal is a brilliant Therapist with a beautiful compassionate heart. She is excellent in her craft and also thoroughly professional. She has the necessary qualifications as well as the art to heal in the most organic manner. it is a very holistic approach and one feels healed and balanced under her guidance. I have taken sessions under her guidance and recommend her from the bottom of my heart. More...

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seeing people transform and be free from issues that have sometimes been with them for decades.... free within hours ... definitely by day 30 they are much much better than they were ever before... RTT works each and every time....

Because they will find freedom from the issues that are blocking their happiness in 1 to 3 sessions generally.