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At Project SME, we strive to help SMEs’ achieve their goals and be successful.

The principal, Brian Pashen, has over 30 years’ experience in helping business and during this time has been involved in most industry sectors. At Project SME, we believe that with the proper advice and guidance most businesses can achieve what their owners had set out to achieve when they commenced business (but may have lost in the business journey).

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Seeing business owners achieve and be successful in their chosen field.

I wanted to help SMEs succeed in what they set out to do and knew I had the skills and expertise to help them achieve their goals/

I have over 30 years experience in helping SMEs in various industries achieve their goals. This experience coupled with innovative, practical and proactive advice guarantees a successful outcome for my clients and, if they are not satisfied, my fees are refunded.

Both. I have experience in using Zoom or GTM and I find that most advice can be handled with these together with phone call and emails.

Advice provided remotely through emails and when relevant Zoom or GTM.


A correct structure for your situation is important in gaining tax and business efficiencies so that you are properly set up for success.

A business that is not developing and growing is not ’living’. Establishing and maintaining a Growth Plan is paramount to your business success.

A comparison of your business with competition in your industry ensures that your business systems and processes are effective and, in a post COVID-19 era, sustainable.

Most businesses fail in the first 3 years because of poor cash flow forecasting and the lack of proper budgeting. Don’t fall into this trap. Our systems will monitor your results and keep you accountable so that poor cash control and budget performance will be a thing of the past.

A tax plan should be future focused and not leave a business with a tax surprise that it was not expecting.

Managing a dispute with the ATO requires particular skills and experience to ensure the disruption to your business is minimal and the dispute is negotiated within a minimum timeframe and cost

The purchase or sale of a business requires a distinctive review of a business to ensure all is as it seems, which means you do not pay ‘over the odds’ for the purchase.

Not one plan fits all. A succession plan needs to be tailored to the particular future needs of the business owner and the business itself, which means the owner can be confident of the future control of the business.

Your retirement and estate planning are important aspects in ensuring your lifestyle in your later years is adequately addressed and that your beneficiaries are catered for.