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We approach your product holistically - considering function, manufacturing, marketing and budget from the start.
We specialise in developing and executing a product strategy appropriate to your scope and making sure your product is a success in the real world.

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Hearing new ideas to change the world - then making them real.

Seeing designers create prototypes that never made it out to the real world (usually because clients ran out of money - because they didn't understand how much is involved).

Because our team knows the whole process while our approach is flexible enough to suit most budgets. e.g. if you don't have the money for a mould, we have way around that.

Sure thing - in person is best, but we have great processes to run projects by email, phone and video calls.


Stage Zero
The perfect place to start. This process make sure a new idea starts on the right foot and gets moving quickly.

Working prototypes for testing and appearance models for promotion.

Quotes, samples and production management with our local and overseas network

Detailed resolution of a design’s use, function and manufacture

Creating a strong brand with a cohesive aesthetic, logo and identity

Experimental analysis of a design’s viability and function, including user feedback

Comprehensive illustrations conveying critical features and all relevant embodiments

We can adapt our process to best reach your project goal.

Advice on functionality, cost, design features, manufacturing methods, and commercial viability