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16 Brendan Dr, Nerang QLD 4211, Australia

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The Martial Art of Pencak Silat has over 800 known styles in Indonesia and can be found in many South-East Asian countries. The Indonesian style of Pencak Silat was historically disguised as a dance during the Dutch occupation, with the most effective techniques hidden in the art form.

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Want to learn self-defence, weapons or sports at your own pace and with no time pressures? Want to learn martial arts online that includes techniques being taught to some of the Indonesian Special Forces?

Choose your preferred online training package with LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP from as low as $69 and SAVE!

If you are interested in learning the complete Wirayudha Pencak Silat system, it is recommended to start from the Black Belt package. A Syllabus is also included for the Black, Red and Orange Belt modules, with grading possible via Video Conference.

If you would like to ‘try before you buy’, Pencak Silat Australia offers a 30 day trial of the Wirayudha Pencak Silat Online Training Trial Package!

This Package includes a compilation of techniques included across the various online training packages via the intuitive and easy to use Vimeo platform, also available as an App for Apple & Google Android devices.

For more information on Wirayudha Pencak Silat Online Training go to silataustralia.com


Does your occupation put you at a higher risk of being attacked?

Some occupations are more exposed to risk than others. Security or Police are not always on hand to stop an immediate or an unprovoked attack, therefore knowing Martial Arts or a form of self-defence that lends itself to armed attackers is vitally important and could save your life!

Pencak Silat is a Martial Art not only suitable for the modern day warrior. In Indonesia, Pencak Silat is encouraged and is not bound by factors such as age, sex, race or religion.

Do your current skills translate to life and death situations and could you defend yourself against weapons?

There are very few Martial Arts left that are grounded in warfare, tradition and have stood the test of time. Pencak Silat has been proven on the battlefield and had a large part to play in Indonesia gaining their independence from the Dutch East Indies.

Whether you are a Martial Arts beginner or at a more advanced level, Pencak Silat can blend into your current training or teach you new skills suited to the ‘real world’.

Don’t hesitate and book training for you, your organisation or team today via silataustralia.com, silataustralia@gmail.com or call +61 (0) 424 383 705.

The Martial Art of Wirayudha Pencak Silat is located on the Gold Coast, QLD Australia.

Wirayudha Pencak Silat is a diverse and traditional Martial Art from Indonesia that incorporates weapons.

We are currently facilitating Pencak Silat Group Classes at 7pm - 8:30pm Tuesday, 16 Brendan Drive Nerang QLD. Come along and join the class FREE if this is your 1st time as a trial. The cost is $20 per group class following the trial.

We also offer Private and Private Group Martial Arts Lessons on the Gold Coast QLD.

Contact Lee Edmondson of Wirayudha Pencak Silat on +61 (0) 424 383 705 or go to silataustralia.com for more information or to enquire about what martial arts training options are currently available on the Gold Coast QLD.

Wirayudha Pencak Silat offers Martial Arts training on the Gold Coast QLD for Pencak Silat Sports and Competition. We can help prepare athletes for the Pencak Silat State Titles, Australian National Titles and the World Championship.

Pencak Silat Tanding is a points based competition, with strikes only allowed to the body (that is protected by padding). Pencak Silat Tanding training includes techniques and drills for competition that incorporates a combination of striking, sweeping, tripping, trapping, catching, dropping, grappling, take-downs, locking, breaking and sparring.

The Sports and Competition aspect also has art form categories that includes individual open hand, weaponry and group art form.

For more info go to silataustralia.com, email silataustralia@gmail.com or call +61 (0) 424 383 705.