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Let’s talk about the Elephant in the Room…

There is no doubt that COVID19 (Coronavirus) has brought forth many frustrations, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness as we face together changes to our way of life as we have known it. No one in Australia or the world has been unaffected by this pandemic.


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2 September 2020

Melody has been my mentor and life coach for close to 10 years. Her communication skills are second to none. She has the ability to actively listen, be totally present, and hold the space. She communicates directly, effectively and expressively, getting to the heart of every issue. Her guidance has helped me to integrate my emotions, behaviour patterns and beliefs. Through this, I have gained much self-awareness. Whenever she's had to confront any issue, she has done this with great care and empathy. Over the years, we have worked through some very tough times, celebrated my successes, and identified my strengths. I look forward to my monthly sessions with Melody as I always come out of it with much greater clarity and sense of perspective. More...


I love helping people realise how powerful they are and how they can make real change in their lives.

People have always been drawn to me to tell me their life stories, their pains and problems. It became clear in my 30s that I could assist people professionally with my services. these days I offer both counselling and coaching and I use energy modalities to support that work.

I believe the whole person needs to be acknowledged, listened to and accepted. My job is to witness all of you and help you see you're not broken but rather disintegrated. Working together we can nurture all of you back to wholeness and health.

All services are conducted via Skype or Zoom as a phone call or video call, dpeending on your accessibility and requirements.

Aa my wokr has always been remotely, i am already Covid-19 compliant.


This 6-week long program is made up of 3 sessions and 6 attunements with follow-up homework between the sessions to ensure the techniques and tools are fully integrated into your daily self-care schedule for emotional well-being and resilience.

The program requires you make a commitment to learn and utilise the techniques introduced to you.

You will have time to practice with these techniques to see which suit you best. In the same way, you have a physical body self-care program that includes, daily bathing and grooming etc, your emotional and mental well-being requires the same.

If used correctly these tools will help strengthen your resilience and give you a toolkit you can use when life may trigger you into states of depression and anxiety.

The program is designed to set you up with tools that can assist you and then you will be ready to be independent on your own. Ideally, the format for the program is:

Week 1 - 1 x 45-minute session

Week 2 - 1 x 45-minute session

Week 3 - 2 x 30 minute attunements

Week 4 - 2 x 30-minute attunements

Week 5 - 2 x 30-minute attunements

Week 6 - 1 x 45-minute session

(At a minimum, attunements can be completed 1 per week which would extend the program to 9 weeks) but by having 2 attunements per week you help strengthen the neural pathways of the brain and allow for the new information to be adapted

This program is not designed to replace your current health program with a doctor or psychologist instead, these tools are designed to support that work so you can feel more independent and in control of your life.

Due to COVID-19 all sessions will be held online via Skype

This program is usually AUD825.00 but until 01/01/21 is 550.00

15-minute healing sessions one-on-one via appointment only and via Skype AUD 35.00
For when you feel exhausted and need more energy and an energy refresher. !5 minutes is equivalent to a body massage.

If you are clear what you want and know where you are now but unsure of how to bridge the gap - this session is to work out strategies and an action plan to get you to where you want to go.
This coaching session is AUD150.00

This session can clarify the next step on the road, assist with mindset or give accountability with your next project's to-do list - helping you to find your direction.

This is a one-to-one video counselling session that is conducted via Skype or Zoom as a result of COVID-19
A session usually lasts 45 minutes. My fee is A$100.oo per session.
**If you purchase a 3-session package in advance you will pay A$285.00**

80 minutes of uplifting music to enhance your mood. This is the first part of The Depression Relief Workbook tools to be live on my website.
Did I mention they are a gift to you? Free... gratis...no charge! Woohoo!
You can find them here: https://www.melodyrgreenbooks.com All you have to do is download them! Sending lots of love to everyone.
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