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When I was 17 years old I witnessed my ex-partner commit suicide in front of me. This forced me to have a post traumatic growth experience (and quarter life crisis by the time I was 21) that not many others get to experience.

I lived in my own human study of behaviours of the mind and how we ‘make up’ our own reality.

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Seeing, hearing and feeling the success of each and every one of my clients. What I do energises me so never feels like 'work'.

I could write a book on this question alone! You can read a couple of my stories here. https://freedomiswithin.com.au/about/

Because I will get you from where you are now to where you want to be. I have experienced far more than the average person. I am compassionate but will also call you out on any of your 'shit' if needed. I will guide you through a conscious and subconscious journey into your inner world, where the answers you've been secretly longing for are, but never knew existed.


One on one and online life coaching using Matrix Therapies, Multiple Brain Integration Techniques, Hypnosis and Behavioural Analysis.

Is the strategy you're using in your relationship not working? Yes you heard right, 'strategy'.... We have strategies for everything we do, even the things we wish we could stop but don't know how to.
I will unpack with you what's really going on for you (and your partner if they are up for it).

Break through old habits, increase confidence, loose weight, sleep better.... Anything is possible with hypnosis.

Re wire your brain to shift past trauma, old beliefs and negative emotions.