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Leopold cleaning services

Leopold, VIC


Our cleaning team have been in the cleaning industry for years and are trained to use none toxic chemicals. We do general house cleaning and commercials e.g dusting, comwebs,bathroom tiles are cleaned and disinfected, mirrors cleaned,cleared the kitchen bench and wiped, bathroom baseboards are wiped and cleaned, wipe the TVs and computers, ceiling cleaned,empty and cleaned trashbins, sweep away the leaves,vacuumed the floors and moped, also folded clothes and ironed but only when requested

2 hires on Bark
5 hour response time


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General Cleaning e.g
.dusting, cobwebs, cleared the kitchen bench and wiped
.bathrooms tiles are cleaned/ disinfected
Sweep, bathroom baseboards are wiped and cleaned
Wiped TVs and computers
.mirrors cleaned, ceiling cleaned
.empty and clean trashbins,vacuumed floors and moped
Also folded clothes and ironed but only when required