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Learning Through Life

Elwood, VIC

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I will listen to you and help you decide on your goals and what is holding you back.
I will validate the struggles you have been through and help you create a life that is not related to the past.
I will help you Truly Love yourself so that you can truly belong in the world

I work with each of you individually and together.
The individual sessions are to help you relieve the pain of the past and the joint sessions are about communicating your needs and feelings and boundaries with each other.
To truly belong together we have to Truly Love ourselves first.
So if you want to create the ideal life together then this is the way to do it.

For those of you who have children old enough to take some responsibility, we work together as a team to create goals and plans for the future.

I work individually with the parents and the children to help each of you to undo the pains of the past.
And parents will work together to develop their ability to share their needs, emotions, and boundaries. And we will do the same with the children as well.
In the end, your family will be able to communicate from a space of TRUE BELONGING which is when everyone is accepeted for who they.