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28 March 2020

This magazine is a true “life “ changer . I am a first time mum who really needed the guidance. Thank you for collating such wonderful & inspiring articles which truly touch our day to day lives . You are my new best friend this magazine is a confidence booster to all those mums unsure on their parenting styles. Keep up the amazing work and thank you on behalf of all the tired yet happy mums More...

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25 February 2020

As a mindful parenting educator, Mindful Parenting Magazine is one of the sites I send my parents to. Thank you for the support you offer parents, especially the reminders for self care and compassion!

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16 November 2019

A collection of brilliant articles aimed at shedding light and sharing stories. I would highly recommend this magazine to anyone, even those who are not yet parenting but for those of you who want a little outlook or different perspective on living.

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23 October 2019

Love the nourishing articles and the beautiful design and texture of the pages! Will definitely be looking forward to the next issue!

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22 October 2019

Very educational. offers New ideas and different ways to spend time with your children. A positive read.

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5 September 2019

Subscribed to my favourite magazine Breathe, I discovered Mindful Parenting's first issue was released just as I began my parenting journey with my now 6 month old boy. I have thoroughly enjoyed both issues and they have helped me through some long, hard days. My new favourite magazine, I highly recommend this fantastic literature. More...

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24 August 2019

Clearly filled with heartfelt positive mindful intentions and loving thoughts ✨

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2 August 2019

I work in Perinatal Mental Health, this magazine is a great resource!

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28 July 2019

a lot of new parents today, don't have the support system they used to have.....it's so nice to have someone/thing to answer questions and encourage them.

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