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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Extensive Security Solutions, Tailored to Meet Your Service Needs.
For over 20 years our management team has delivered quality and professional security officers for our customers. We select the best candidates to take up roles.
Our service promise stems from a culture inspired by a high level of customer service and is tailored to create a customer experience that is unique to each client.

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27 May 2020

Extremely reliable and prompt service. Lats minute requirements were fulfilled with no issues, and their team was very informative and accommodating. Definitely recommend using again!


Infinity Corporate Group provides quality services, which go above and beyond the level of commitment normally found in the security industry.


For over 20 years, our management team has delivered quality and professional security officers for our customers. We select the best candidates to take up roles within our clients organisations and environments that at times require maturity, responsibility and accountability.

At Infinity Corporate Group we pride ourselves on our flexibility and commitment, meaning whatever your organisation needs to operate securely, we can deliver the solution.

We pride ourselves on offering our clients a cost effective value added services with a breadth and depth of experience and a deep understanding of the modern threat landscape, you can rely on our Security Guards to protect your staff, visitors and the greater community.

Our Security Services include:

Security Officers
Loading Dock Services
Event Security
Car Park Attendants
Weighbridge Operations
Gatehouse Security
Control Room Operators
Asset Protection & Screening
RSA Security Officers
Retail Security Officers
Rail Accredited Security Personnel
Covert & Overt Loss Prevention Officers

Infinity Corporate Group believe our strength is in our people, we are committed to the welfare of our Security Officers. Workplace safety, fatigue management and fair remuneration are at the forefront for our hardworking, well trained security officers, giving us the capability to have a guard force ready to respond to any challenge.

We understand that continued investment in ongoing training and education helps to support our officers. We put a focus on the training and development of our people, providing them with the tools they need to help our clients mitigate the risk of theft, vandalism, property damage or graffiti to their assets.

At Infinity Corporate Group our service promise stems from a culture inspired by a high level of Customer service and is tailored to create a customer experience that is unique to each client. As the backbone of our organisation, Infinity Corporate Group realises that our security guards division needs to be at the forefront of service delivery, professionalism and innovation. It is more important than ever that our clients' can feel safe in the knowledge that the men and women charged with providing protection to their staff and their assets are of the highest level.

Infinity Corporate Group prides itself on the quality of Security Officers that constitute our guarding services division. Our engagement process ensures that only the best people are engaged with our organisation, ready to be deployed to yours.

High Visibility Security Officers
Concierge and Corporate attired Security Officers
Specialist Security Officers for Intimate functions to large scale venues and event
Static Guarding including access control/gatehouse and asset protection
Retail Shopping Centre Security

We provide discreet, security-trained protection to meet and greet visitors at building entrances, minus the security guard uniform. Visitors to your business should always be met with a friendly face, yet there's comfort in knowing you have staff with capable hands should a situation arise. We recognise that certain clients and particular situations call for a discreet solution rather than a uniformed security officer.

Our Security Officers ensure that our clients have the professional appearance they require at their entrances, with the assurance of knowing that they have the training, qualifications and resources to adequately protect their organisation. Our personal concierge services are used in environments such as Corporate Head Offices, Museums, Commercial Real Estate, High-end Hotels and Events, providing a subtle but effective deterrent to potential security issues in industries where a more overt response could be poorly received.

The recruitment of our concierge and customer service security officers is based on their customer focused approach. They are trained to provide security functions together with providing a positive, lasting impression of your business. We understand the sensitive environments we work with, and strive to provide a VIP concierge security service that accurately reflects your brand identity.

At Infinity Corporate Group we believe mobile patrols save you money and provide asset and profit protection. Our fully equipped fleet of vehicles and highly trained Security Patrol Officers perform regular, non-predictive patrols suitable for a wide range of property types. Mobile Patrols are a shared resource that creates a highly effective security solution where the cost of a full time resource is simply not justified. They are designed to provide you with a high visibility deterrent to criminal activity not only to your property or facility, but in the area around it.

Mobile Patrols are responsive, reliable and fully supported by our 24-hour National Operations Centre, and are perfect for:

Providing a physical presence and deterrence
Providing assistance in an emergency situation
Checking for trespassers and skylarkers
Checking for signs of criminal activity
Identifying unauthorised vehicles

We also provide high priority security escorts which is a great way to protect your staff and secure your property and assets at their most vulnerable times. Our team can incorporate a daily lock-up service for exterior doors, windows, gates and other entrances. Potentially saving you from costly, preventable thefts due to accidental security oversights and decreasing running costs if you would like lights, air-conditioning, or other utilities switched off and on.

Industry Leading Response Times

If your alarm is triggered do you want the peace of mind of a Mobile Patrol response sent within seconds? When your alarm sounds your neighbors and community might contact the authorities, but if there is no obvious intruder, the police will be reluctant to come out. On the other hand, professional alarm monitoring means reliable and dedicated attention. Why have an alarm? Why have it monitored? It all depends on the value of the assets you want protected, or the impact the disruption will have to your operating business.

Alarms prevent and alert those around the premises of intruders. Alarm monitoring allows you to link it to a Mobile Security Patrol that will attend to the alarm. At Infinity Corporate Group we can tailor a solution to the needs and requirements of a particular site. With our own in-house Electronics division we can install, maintain, and monitor the alarm system for you providing you a one stop shop solution and peace of mind.

When your monitored alarm is triggered outside of normal business hours our National Operations Centre is ready to dispatch a Mobile Security officer to assess your site, whatever the situation may be:

Break and enter
Mains failure
System faults

Alarm monitoring coordinated by Infinity Corporate Group operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day through our reliable and fully supported by our 24-hour National Operations Centre. When your alarm is triggered we receive a signal at our 24 hour National Operations Centre. Our staff are highly trained and will take action on a response plan that is tailored on your requirements. Typically this involves a call out, site check and, depending on what our security teams identify we can contact the relevant authorities or disarming and resetting your alarm.
We will provide you with industry leading response times which in some cases can be the difference between an intruder getting away with their criminal activities (whether it be theft, vandalism, property damage, graffiti, etc.) or being apprehended.

We can provide alarm monitoring as a standalone service, however it is advantageous to combine it with a security patrol. This is because using non predictable security patrols does not allow the intruder any knowledge of a best time to break in, and our patrol officers would be familiar with the premises, the lay out, the alarms and the points of entry.

Substance Detection Dogs are an effective deterrent when trained and deployed correctly. Our canines are never aggressive. They love the work and look for the substance odour because they want their toy reward.
Our Substance Detection Canines can search for:

Ecstasy (MDMA)

A growing number of businesses and private schools who want to maintain a drug free environment are utilizing our services with regular or random inspections. This is creating and maintaining a strong deterrent to those using or dealing drugs in businesses and the education sectors.

Infinity Corporate Group offers reliable Canine Protection services through our K9 protection team: comprised of a team of handlers, canines and trainers.

Our canines undergo a specialised training regime that teaches them and maintains their skills. They are trained regularly to ensure that the service we provide is nothing but exceptional.

Canine training also teaches our canines how to compose themselves unless there is an apparent threat. This reduces the anxiety of innocent bystanders and ensures that the handler has complete control over the canine's actions.

Infinity Corporate Group's canines and handlers are 100% compliant with legislation and utilise safety best practices such as secure leads, muzzles, harnesses, and reflective vests.

Canines serve as a significant visual deterrent, as well as picking up on behaviourisms that would be hard for a human to detect.

Whether you are concerned about an individual, keeping your business safe or planning a high-risk event: Infinity Corporate Group's K9 team can provide you with complete peace of mind.

At Infinity Corporate Group we understand the intricacies and challenges associate with protecting assets within the rail corridor, our teams have over 25 years experience in servicing the transport industry throughout NSW with the common goal of accessing the corridor for the purpose of protecting the asset stored onsite.

Our officers all possess a Rail Industry Worker Card which provides them access to certain parts of the rail corridor however this qualification does not allow our teams to protect assets stored in locations outside of the Sydney Trains Network.

Our officers at Infinity Corporate group are trained with protection officer qualifications tailored to the network we are servicing, our teams can out a plan in place and liaise with the relevant network control centre to gain access to the location of the stored asset offering a high visual deterrent to the asset while at the same time obtaining a safe passage on and offsite.

With all the construction work underway throughout ACT and NSW our team can also provide the service of a Protection Officer level 1 allowing our team to correctly protect a work-site issuing controlled signal blocking or lookout work.
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Infinity Corporate Group understands the challenges the Rail Industry faces with the threat of vandalism towards their assets. Our Management Team can tailor a Mobile Deployment Response Unit which consists of a vehicle with the ability of transporting a canine and storing equipment used to detect unauthorised persons attempting to obtain access to the rail corridor, the MDRU has licenced and Rail accredited Security Officers that are also trained in handling a canine.
Our teams history in working with our clients to target strategic locations known to trespass and cause malicious damage has allowed our teams where possible to detain persons of interest prior to or immediately after incidents of trespass or malicious damage has occurred.
The MDRU is well versed on the enclosed lands act, the power of arrest and trained on using electronic surveillance equipment along with early detections devices to alert the team when offenders are attempting to enter unauthorised premises with the intention to damage the assets onsite.
Through experience and knowledge on the measures offenders go through to gain access to and damage the client's assets, the MDRU has identified that offenders would attend target locations prior to committing an offence and plant their equipment, the items include but are not limited to:
Client Uniform's
Reflective Vests
Weapons such as knives, bolt cutters, etc
Spray Cans
Various Nozzles

We provide Close Personal Protection services, with the aim of ensuring every aspect of your safety is considered and mitigated. Our CPP services consist of but are not limited to:

Constant security presence in the form of a bodyguard
Protection in transport (Vehicle, on-foot and flights)
Event and venue protection and coordination

Our highly skilled operational team implement, develop and tailor a security plan for every new client prior to commencing services. Your plan is created with the following in mind:

We don't miss a detail - Extensive planning through site visits, liaising with stakeholders and evaluating requirements.
Ensure your safety - Risk and threat assessment to ensure you know what to expect.
We listen - In-depth communication with our clients
Supported by next-gen technology - through our proprietary software and technological innovation; including AI analysis, advanced tracking/metrics and client access.

The Future of Total Security Solutions

Infinity Corporate Group provides many other services, which go above and beyond the level of commitment normally found in the security industry. Information on some of our more regularly requested services are as follows:
Electronic Security Services
Risk Management Consultants
Video Analytics