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30 April 2020

I started the 12 week nutrition program with Corinne because I hate gyms and dieting. I wanted to feel healthier inside and out. I wanted to educate myself how to feed my body nutritious food and feel satisfied too. With help from Corinne I was able to set some achievable goals along the way and the end result was losing 12 kg and 40cm all over. Now I feel educated and empowered to make better food choices for now and into the future. More...

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5 September 2019

I joined up with Corinne 7 months ago with the hope of losing weight and gaining strength. In 18 months time I will turn 60, and I recently I came to realise that I need to be stronger if I want to enjoy the rest of my journey on this planet. The fact that Corinne eats a plant based diet was important to me as I myself am vegan. The greatest thing I have gained is an understanding of the nutrients and calories (energy) in the foods I eat and how the correct food can power my body and lose weight at the same time. I have learnt to eat foods which give me bang for my calorie buck – and I LOVE the healthier foods I am now eating. This knowledge plus the mindfulness techniques which Corinne teaches has made me become more aware of my decisions in regards to eating and other areas of my life. I have come to realise that I can very determined if I want to achieve my goals. I never thought I could change my eating habits, but I now and don’t feel like I will ever revert to my yo-yo dieting life. I feel really comfortable working out in the home based gym environment which Corinne provides and look forward to my 2 sessions a week working out with the other girls who are all so supportive. I am so much stronger and enjoy my favourite hobby, hiking so much more now. Thank you so much Corinne More...

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