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Hi! Most people have times in their life when things are not working as they wish them to. Paralysis can set it and nothing changes.
I work with people to get those gears turning again and clarify the path ahead! I have many years experience of working with people.

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13 June 2021

I had a career change last year (due to covid) and then felt a bit unsure of my direction moving forward. Ian asked me the questions that got me thinking about where I wanted to go and through talking to him, I was able to clear away some obstacles that were holding me back. Ian is really easy to talk to. I had never used a life coach before. Now I will certainly be recommending Ian to my friends. More...


I love that I have the privilege of listening to the stories of people, who have found the courage to examine their lives.
That means I see people at their best!

I have a long history of working with people in health, mental health and also strangely enough finance! I found many of the same themes would surface with people who were “stuck”. Often, like most of us, those people just needed a little assistance to get moving again.

There is no should about it. If a client chooses to work with me it is because they feel there is a “match”. Their choice reflects that we will be able to work productively on what they want/need

Yes, I can but my preference is for face to face. If working remotely, with would still require zoom/google me not just the phone.

The standard approach is to socially distance. To work with good sense and respect.


My agenda is to really clarify what it is that you desire and then work with you to make it happen!
We really need to understand the “why” of what we are doing. Once we have that, the approach/strategy/work to be done becomes apparent.
I work with people using a simple, active listening and feedback loop. It’s a learning process. It can be fun but it is also meant to challenge!