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I have been teaching English as a second language for more than 25 years, about 12 of them privately, to speakers of other languages. During this time, I have excelled even more in IELTS and PTE preparation, as well as teaching General English to international students.

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Most of all I love helping my students to achieve their goals. To me, each candidate is an individual, with a specific learning need in English and a certain purpose of studies. That is why my general approach in teaching is always individual, in accordance with my students’ learning intentions. Their initial level of English counts too, of course.

I believe that private teaching is more effective for students to achieve much better results due to a personal approach and sufficient attention to candidates' individual learning needs. They can be addressed immediately, if not sooner.

My individual approach to teaching English is rather specific because once I realise what my students want to achieve, I tailor lessons for them to meet their needs. While planning my classes I prepare individual study materials, which means I sometimes actually design them for each student individually. In other words, in my study centre there is no ready-made or immediately applied structure to teach students, just because their needs are so different!

Classes with me can be arranged remotely via Skype or Zoom.
My Skype: lara.vromen

The place I teach is always clean and tidy, well-aired. I make sure that everything is Covid-19 safe