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Belmont, 50 Wilkins St, Mawson ACT 2607, Australia

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Fit With Liz is a women's strength and fitness facility, providing a comfortable space where women can safely develop strength and fitness regardless of your size, shape, ability or walk of life. With a simple set-up in my home garage gym, we focus on the basics of movement, safely developing strength and fitness and discovering what your body is truly capable of!

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I provide a supportive and safe environment for women to develop strength and movement in a judgement-free zone. They gain the confidence and ability to lift weights safely, build functional strength and fitness and discover a whole new sense of themselves through achieving results they'd never thought possible.

I help women recognise the power of their bodies to become strong and give them joy and independence in moving to improve their capability. It's not about how you look so much as what you can do.

Watching women discover the strength their bodies are capable of, how powerful they can be and that moment when they realise their capability is so much more valuable than any aesthetic goal.

I've spent most of my life on and off diets. After yo-yo-ing up and down for many years, after my first child I was at the heaviest I'd ever been. I was tired, lethargic, uncomfortable and unconfident. I got serious about my nutrition and lost 30kg. I hired my first personal trainer and fell in love with fitness. When it was time to get back to work after my youngest started pre school, I realised I could make my passion for fitness my career.

I wanted to offer women the joy I've found in strength training and after training in different gyms over the years, I know how intimidating it can be for women to break into the weights area at the gym! So I decided to set up my own space where women can feel comfortable and free to learn how to lift weights without the stress of feeling like they could be ridiculed or judged at any moment.

I’m dedicated to providing the gift of strength and fitness for all bodies. No matter what your size, shape, experience or health, you can move. It’s my dream for all women to have the strength and trust in their bodies to move through their lives with ease and joy.

It’s my mission to enable you to move in the best way for your own body, lifestyle and preferences. My clients love the way I provide the support and guidance they need to develop strength and fitness in a way that is ideal for them.

I have limited online services available for people who also train with me in person.

My group sessions are capped at 4 people, to ensure that everyone has minimum space required. We sanitise hands before every session and wipe down equipment with disinfectant after each session. I encourage people to bring their own mats.


Small group personal training (2-4 people) giving the best of both worlds - all the support of a personal trainer with the fun of training with a couple of buddies and great value.

100% tailored for your needs, we start with a strategy session to identify your needs and goals, set benchmarks and regularly track your progress. A great option if you're looking for full support and maximum results.