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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Energetics Institute is a family owned and run Psychotherapy and Counselling practice based in Inglewood, Perth, Western Australia.

Our family practice is run by a husband and wife team, Richard and Helena Boyd, married for 20 years and who both work as psychotherapists in Perth, and specialised in the field of Body Psychotherapy.

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27 October 2019

I trust both Helena and Richard. Having come across many "sharks" in the industry, I can vouch that these are two genuine people with a fabulous passion to aid you in filling your toolkit so that you can develop and heal. I have known them for over ten years now and keep defaulting back to their business when I return to Western Australia. Helena provides a gentle, empathetic approach, and is super aware of how to manage anxious energy and remain accountable to her clients in terms of sending them on their way focused and grounded. Richard is fabulous to connect with and I just love his business acumen and ability to use metaphors in helping you to realise what's goign on for you. Intellegent and experienced, I find Richard to be a fabulous mentor. He helps give you direction whilst Helena helps you safely open up. I recommend seeing either practitioner. More...

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Both of us are committed to helping our clients be more content and lead more integrated lives. Our work is our vocation and it's very fulfilling when we see clients heal the underlying causes of their issues and find more peace or wholeness in their lives.

Originally, we both were in corporate careers for over 10 years and when we started our psychotherapy training back in 2001, both of us wanted to individually address and heal some issues we each had related to our family histories. We also wanted to improve our relationship as a couple.

Then as our training evolved, we both realised that we wanted to open our own home practice and work as therapists as we felt passionate about helping people with various conditions and from different walks of life.

We specialise in integrating the body and mind in therapy, which is essential to healing many common conditions. We are one of the few practices in Perth which use a blend of Counselling, Psychotherapy and Body Psychotherapy when treating clients.

We are both dedicated to our own personal growth. As a married couple who have been together for over 20 years, we have steadily worked through our own issues both individually and together as a couple.


The aim of counselling is to investigate the causes of your current issue and help you find solutions. Our skilled counsellors are available to help you deal with the issues that you are facing. We provide a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment at our counselling practice. Through the use of our therapy tools your therapist can provide you with personal and tailored solutions to your issues.

Check out our page: https://www.energeticsinstitute.com.au/counselling-services-perth/

Psychotherapy encompasses a large range of therapy tools. The main purpose of a tool like “talk therapy” is to help solve your emotional unrest. One of our qualified psychotherapists can customise treatment to your individual needs. Your psychotherapist will provide a non-judgmental, confidential environment. In a therapy session your therapist will explore the current impact and possible underlying causes of your issues. The therapist will get to the “root” of your problems and treat them effectively.

Check out our webpage: https://www.energeticsinstitute.com.au/psychotherapy/

Our Relationship Counselling is a process of educating couples. Our goal is to show you what is healthy and what is not, assessing where and why they fall down in your relationships, and then instilling the new skills, beliefs and actions that transform relationships to vibrancy and sustainability.

We are Richard and Helena Boyd and as a married couple for 20 years with a young family, our relationship is a model to our clients on how to create and maintain successful relationships. We have faced many common relationship issues but our committed relationship and healthy family is a testimonial to our work.

Check our our webpage: https://www.energeticsinstitute.com.au/relationship-counselling-perth/

Marriage is one of the single biggest commitments that you will make in your life. Some marriages hit a crisis that requires an independent set of qualified eyes to assess and resolve differences. At Energetics Institute we offer marriage counselling services to help you and your partner today.

Married for our 20 years. we are Richard and Helena Boyd, both psychotherapists, and have steadily worked through our own issues both individually and together as a couple.

Check out our webpage: https://www.energeticsinstitute.com.au/marriage-counselling-perth/

We offer a comprehensive Trauma Counselling service in Perth. We are trained in Sensorimotor Trauma Resolution and Body Psychotherapy and are able to help you understand what is happening to you and why. We then work to assist and resource you to be conscious to your trauma triggers, disarm them, and be able to stay consciously present to stressful and normal events in your life.

Check out our webpage: https://www.energeticsinstitute.com.au/trauma-counselling-perth/

Online Counselling is the process whereby a Counsellor conducts a counselling session with you via an electronic audio and/or video communication tool like Skype. You can be in a location or setting of your choice that may help make you feel safe, comfortable and protect your privacy.

We offer the following options for Online Counselling from Perth:

Skype Counselling (including Whatsapp, Facetime, Zoom), Email Counselling, Phone Counselling

Check out our webpage: https://www.energeticsinstitute.com.au/online-counselling/

We offer a counselling and support service in Perth for FIFO workers and their partners and family. We can assist all concerned with looking at the issues and providing support at the individual and family level.

Getting support as issues arise can stop dynamics spiralling to a major crisis that could have a major negative outcome for all concerned. The stress that FIFO lifestyles create can lead to divorce, suicide or inter-family violence or addiction formation.

Check out our webpage: https://www.energeticsinstitute.com.au/fifo-counselling-perth/