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Relationship Counselling, Family therapy, Grief and Loss, Anger Management, Anxiety as well as Career and Executive Stress Counselling has been a large part of my practise to date.

On a personal note, I have remained successfully married for over 22 years and am a committed and engaged father to my 18 year old daughter.


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23 October 2020

Emanuel is a wonderful counsellor; he made me comfortable the first time we spoke.

He listens without judgement and is firm while having the right level of empathy. He encourages you to do the work to get the results you are seeking.

He has some great analogies which help to lighten difficult topics.

My partner was incredibly open with Emanuel and I was not expecting that, let alone in our first session.

I am looking forward to more sessions to continue to improve my relationship with myself and my partner.

Thankyou Sharyn, much appreciated.

16 October 2020

Emanuel is fantastic. He makes you feel comfortable and at ease during his sessions and explains everything clearly, without using ‘psych jargon’. Both my partner and me are impressed with his approach and would highly recommend him. More...

Thankyou. An absolute pleasure to work with.

12 October 2020

After only one session with Emanuel I already feel lighter. He is understanding, kind, firm but fair. It was remarkable to see how well he could understand a situation within an hour, I would say this is an innate skill Emanuel has.
Highly recommended.

12 October 2020

Emanuel is very comforting to talk to and provides a great perspective on things would definitely recommend for anyone looking for counselling.

Humbled and grateful. Thankyou Zoe.

28 September 2020

Working with Emanuel has been one of the best things my partner and I could have chosen. We were in a position where we knew we needed external help to help us come back to a place of love. Emanuel is attentive, passionate, and honest in his counselling, which has given both my partner and I many new self-reflections and ways to overcome past resents. He allows both of us to feel comfortable but challenges us to look at our actions from other perspectives when we get stuck in our own. I feel like since we’ve started working with Emanuel, we are able to see how we both can grow together, and let down our egos.

I’m so thankful for Emanuel! We are still working with him and I would 100% recommend him to anyone needing couple counselling or individual counselling!

An absolute privilege to work with such a commited couple!

26 September 2020

Absolutely fantastic! First appointment helped us immensely.. couldn’t rate higher

Thankyou Emma. Glad to be of assistance...

26 September 2020

Can’t sing his praises enough. Emanuel has provided a safe space for my partner and I to work on rebuilding our relationship. He has an excellent understanding of human behaviour and has been able to heLo us understand where we are going wrong and has most importantly provided us with ways to make small changes each session to work on these issues. He has gone over and above the expectations of his role to ensure my family is supported and motivated throughout this process. More...

Thankyou Greer, the results are there because of both of you are willing to do the work.

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Helping people feel free, empowered, motivated and inspired.

The varied experiences I have had over the years in helping people to blossom and flourish. It is deeply rewarding and joyful. Very meaningful work.

As a counselor/advisor needs to be endlessly working on themselves. Right up to our last breathing moment.

As a counselor/advisor, we need to be unflinchingly honest with ourselves before we can have the right to expect it from others.

We need to be able to reflect on a vast, varied and rich treasure chest of experiences in life as well as in business.

Compassion and trust first and everything else will follow.

My expectations of myself is my promise.