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Ecofin Solution ForU Pty. Ltd is a leading LED replacement company on a mission to help Australian households and businesses reduce greenhouse gas emissions by switching to energy-efficient LED products. We are an expert LED installer based in Melbourne, Victoria who specializes in end-to-end residential and commercial LED lighting solutions, Halogen or fluorescent lights replacements, and LED downlights & high bay lights installation.

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Arpan Rooprail has always been fascinated by the inventions and quotes of Nikola Tesla and the way he made the modern world a better place. The fact that how electricity was invented and how it transcended into the contemporary design and lighting industry surprises Arpan every now and then, which is why he heavily emphasizes on intelligent and creative use of lighting and the way it impacts ambiance of a place and, of course, environment. Talking of environment and energy efficiency; he can always be seen preaching and practicing energy efficiency through adaption of LED lighting at his home and workplace.

Ecofin Solution ForU is a leading Australian company incorporated in the year 2016 with a mission to help Australian households and businesses reduce greenhouse gas emissions by switching to energy-efficient LED products. We are expert LED lighting installers who specialize in end-to-end residential as well as commercial lighting solutions. We ensure quality LED upgrades and high energy efficiency through VEU-approved LED products. The upgrade process kicks off with a free site assessment followed by the replacement of old light bulbs with energy-efficient LED lights and full post-installation support.

Australia is well on its target to achieve a 65% reduction in carbon emissions by the year 2030. For this, the Australian government has set up the Essential Services Commission (ESC) which administers the energy efficiency target scheme. The goal is to give our future generations a world free from carbon emissions.

We offer hassle-free upgrades and replacements of old lights to energy-efficient LED lights. Switching from conventional to LED light reduces overall energy costs and impact on the environment. We believe in quality services. This is why our on-site analysis, implementation of the upgrade/replacement is done professionally. All energy upgrades are fully compliant with ESC’s guidelines and the VEU government scheme. You’ll get replacement/upgrades done for free or a little cost, depending on the type of setup you have, e.g., residential, commercial or industrial setup.