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We're a carefully curated team of Designers, Developers and Digital Strategists that unite to present your brand remarkably and create something special together.

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26 June 2019

We are very glad we decided to take the plunge and seek out Connect 5 Media to build an application for our business. It has greatly simplified our process, reduced our costs and brought us up to speed with current technology advancements.

26 June 2019

It was a great experience dealing with the Connect 5 media team. They took the time to listen and really understand our unique situation before formulating a plan with results that exceeded our expectations.

26 June 2019

When looking to build an E-commerce solution with over 6000 products for our first time, it was extremely important that we dealt with a company that could understand our needs and also present our vision. Glad to say the experience dealing with Connect 5 Media was such a smooth process for what was a difficult task at hand. I am looking forward to now growing the business alongside them. More...

26 June 2019

It was a pleasure dealing with Connect 5 Media. After attempting to our together an unfavourable site with another company, I switched to the C5 team and was amazed at how quickly they understood my needs and brand direction and then out together something that was perfect from the start. I am now looking forward to the experience of creating my online store with the shortly. More...



Short of just making words and pictures work together with award-winning style, your website should represent your brand and the experience your customers can expect to have with you.

Some essential elements for a great site are:

USABILITY - Critical for the success of any site, a focus on responsive design, intuitive and functional navigation and a well planned information architecture is vital for good usability.

FAST LOAD TIMES - One of the main reasons why a user will leave your site, making sure your website loads within 4 to 6 seconds is important for good usability.

APPROPRIATE & MODERN DESIGN - Like all modern technology, web design continues to evolve constantly. Currently, a minimalist design with correct contrast between content and the site background, bold colours and plenty of negative space are well received in this current climate.

ROBUST, FLEXIBLE & FUTURE PROOF - Any site can look great from the outset however how will in fair in the years to come. This is one of the reasons why we choose Wordpress to build upon. A robust CMS and code base, entirely flexible for extending functionality and a great platform for SEO are just some of the reasons to go with the most popular platform in the world for your site.

FINDABLE - What is the point of a great site if it can't be found? Wordpress was born out of blogging platform initially and is optimised for Search Engine Optimisation from the ground up, meaning that you can get your site out in front of potential prospects and promote your wares.

1. What are the main reasons for commissioning a new website?
2. What are the business objectives for your site.
3. How do you measure for success, and what are you hoping to achieve?
4. Who are the customers? Can you provide a profile? (lifestyle, income, interests, values etc.)
5. How do they consume your product (service or commodity)?
6. Why do they buy from you and not your competitors?
7. Do you have any customer testimonials?
8. People are coming to your new site for the first time. How do you want them to feel about your company?
9. What sites have you seen recently that you've liked the visual design of? What did you like about it? Links to examples would be helpful.
10. How would you describe the look and feel you are looking for (e.g. clean and modern, professional, traditional, rustic?)

We love being involved in assisting startups and existing businesses both large and small to present themselves remarkably in their online presence via both web and app development. It is always with great pleasure to be involved in this journey and to impart our knowledge we have gained over the past 7 years in the business.

We want to know all about your business and how we can assist in taking it to the next step. Our integrated team can work as an extension of yours, collaborating with you to truly understand your industry and transform your big ideas into a reality. Data-driven, tech-focused strategies that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Free of pretence, complications and unreasonable prices.


Short of just making words and pictures work together with award-winning style, your website should represent your brand and the experience your customers can expect to have with you. First impressions matter and are closely matched by a tight backend, seamless and robust code, and of course findability

Connect 5 Media falls somewhat into its own category. A small dynamic team based in Glasgow and London. On top of which, we have an expandable resource through strong partnerships that allow us to work on any job no matter how small or large.

The only thing that isn’t large are our fees. No big fancy high street offices here.

Just great quality work at a fair price.

It’s pretty clear to most business owners these days that if you sell products and services, then you need to be doing so online. Once that decision is made it’s not just a matter of throwing up a website with some form of payment gateway however and hoping for the best. There are many aspects that need to be considered in order to put your best foot forward.

With a little care, some expert advice and a holistic approach to the situation, there is a huge amount of potential for what you can achieve for your business out in the world wide web and probably for a cost much cheaper than one would expect.

Depending who you speak with of course.

Gone are the days where an app must cost the earth. After over 5 years experience in the app game, these days we tend to approach every job with budget first, approach second as there are many ways to skin this cat. All of our app development falls into 3 categories subject to budget, intended use and required flexibility.

Essentially, there is an app for every budget.

Our Approach is 3-fold

Would you like a fully featured app with tried and tested technology that has been built and tested over time? Then this is the option for you. If you are not one to painstakingly agonise of every last pixel then this is great flexible and feature-rich option without the 5 figure price tag.

Like to take advantage of the cost savings that can be achieved by utlising the features of the modular based approach however also need some custom options as well? Then this is your option. The best of both worlds where you can have you cake and eat it.

Have the next best idea? Need an app to work exactly how you envisage and to the very last pixel? Then this is your option. A full custom build from ground up with 100% flexibility and suited to you very requirements. Expect to start from the 5 figure mark for this option

We focus on long-term, robust organic growth for your business

Our sole focus in regard to the SEO we provide our clients is based on WordPress specific, on-site organic SEO. We back this up with monthly reporting and suggestions to get your site to the top and more importantly, to stay there.


Decide on an appropriate list of target search terms and monitor them monthly

Maintain, update and tweak the specific SEO plugins and software we use

Implement new settings from updates& additional SEO developments

Research, test, add and configure new SEO software as it gets released

Make suitable adjustments based on the Google’s ever-changing algorithm

Monthly reporting showing your current rankings and detail of work completed.