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Cirque Athletics® is an Australian fitness business specialising all group fitness training. Outdoor, fitness classes, boot camps and specialty workshops. (handstands, flexibility, bodyweight)

Our team is made of inspiring coaches that will keep you motivated, inspire you and help you achieve your fitness goals.

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Step 1 - The interview
We have a sit-down (online session) where I conduct various assessments, from functional movement, current fitness level and eating habits.

Step 2 - SMART goals setting
Then, we make a wish list of fitness goals and separate the short-term from the long-term ones as we also discuss whether they are attainable or not.

Step 3 - Action plan
A personalised training plan is designed based on the client's fitness goals and an action plan is written with specific deadlines.

Step 4 - Getting started
We determine the training frequency and the client chooses any of our training packs

I believe there is no such secret, everybody has the potential to change their mindset for good and start to make better choices.
A common mistake for someone getting started is not setting up a SMART goals list. Having milestones set within a deadline will allow you to keep accountable and stay focused on your goals whether it is changing eating habits, progressively adapting to exercise and reigniting your joy for it until it becomes a daily habit

As a coach, there isn't anything more gratifying than a good challenge. I love the first moment when a client comes to me with questions and hesitation about getting started on their fitness journey. That to me is an opportunity to transform someone's life by leading them through small habit changes, a little discipline, guidance a training program that will keep them motivated to continue.

As an athlete myself, I understand the importance of having the guidance of a coach and an adequate training program to succeed at any fitness goal.

I'm a fitness qualified professional, acro-gymnastics and world-class acrobat. I specialized in aerial acrobatics back in 2009 and thrived on taking my passion to the next level by becoming an international performer successfully and heavily involved in both entertainment and fitness fields since then.

After almost 10 years in the field, I realise I could share my training experience and knowledge to help fitness enthusiast reach their full potential and inspire them to become a better version of themselves through my own story

We've been providing fitness solutions for both adults and kids since 2016.
From gymnastics based-training at the High-Performance Centre in Phrahran, Melbourne to fitness classes and workshops for diverse Wellness, Pilates, Yoga and Dance Studios across the world. ( Germany, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia)