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CHEFIN specialises in Private Catering & Corporate Catering Services. We pride ourselves on the ability to tailor our packages to specific group, budget, location, theme and dietary needs. No event is too big or small. CHEFIN platform provides convenience, diverse food choices and tailored social dining experiences for Australians, along with an exciting creative outlet and alternative income stream for professional chefs.


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6 customer reviews

6 August 2020

My friends and I enjoyed a social meal in Melbourne and had Chef Nick catering for us. He did a great job, his food was from another world! Presentation was like a 3 Michelin star restaurant and the taste was incredibly delicious. Would highly recommend CHEFIN and their experienced chefs for any event. More...

6 August 2020

I dined at CHEFIN's pop up Blue Oasis and was a great experience. Mouthwatering dishes and great service. Would highly recommend their Chefs & staff for any event!

6 August 2020

We had our wedding catered by CHEFIN and it was an amazing experience. They helped us select the venue, photographer, decorator, Chef, etc. Did the full event management at no extra cost and all included in the package. The food was sensational and we loved Chef Robert delivering indigenous inspired Australian meals to us and all our 170 guests. Would highly recommend CHEFIN for any bride looking for a premium hassle-free experience! More...

6 August 2020

Our graduation was catered by CHEFIN and they did a great job. We really enjoyed all the food & service. Would highly recommend them for any school formal & graduation party events!

6 August 2020

I got my Birthday catered in a secret venue in Surry Hills by this company CHEFIN. They were amazing at sourcing a hidden venue that no one knew existed and delivered a great American style smoked bbq experience for me and my friends. We loved the food & Chef. Staff were great & friendly as well. Would highly recommend for Birthday occasions! More...

6 August 2020

CHEFIN delivered a great experience at a Blindfolded dinner. Me and my partner exceptionally enjoyed the tasting and unrevealing great hidden flavours behind each dish. Would highly recommend CHEFIN and the work of their Chefs, in particular Chef Winston. More...


Each Chef under CHEFIN platform has its own signature dish. To name a few see below:

Chef Aaron = Truffle, porcini mushroom, parmesan popcorns
Chef Alan: House-smoked ocean trout/Atlantic salmon
Chef Ian: Scallops w/ Braised Oxtail, Parsnips & Apple
Chef Nick: Scallop ceviche, green tartar sauce, green papaya, finger lime
Chef Paolo: Prawns & pistachio cream pasta
Chef Tom: Lemon and fennel risotto Prince Charles The Prince of Wales recipe

Each menu is carefully designed with the client's consultation. We have a proprietary process to collect the required information to design a menu with average menu feedback of 1 iteration of feedback which is an exceptionally smooth process. We guarantee our customers will get the best menu for their taste buds!

We love making customers smile - that smile after taking a bite of food is just priceless! It is the most important thing for all of our Chefs.

I saw a gap in the market where Chefs needed to be helped to reach people's homes and be able to create dishes that are unique and satisfy an individual's taste buds. The Chefs we have on our platform are vetted and 100% professional - we reject more than 70% of the Chef applications we get as quality & attitude are our most important criteria.

= have been around for over 5 years and know the industry inside out
= satisfaction guarantee policy with strict refunds if you are not happy with what you get
= the best in class chefs vetted for professionalism, honesty and quality of skills
= smooth process for hassle-free events
= more than 2,000 events completed with happy satisfied customers