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Lyn Cannon – Counsellor/Psychotherapist & Professional Supervisor

Over 30 years of experience in counselling roles, a Post Graduate Diploma of Counselling, and a Bachelor of Psychology from Murdoch University.

Lyn is available in Bunbury, Augusta and Margaret River and online via Zoom.

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I really enjoy working with people and seeing them find the best possible outcomes in dealing with their individual needs and finding a way forward and through to healing and wholeness.

Client demand and flexibility to work across the South West of Western Australia face to face and across Australia wide online or via phone.

I have over 30 years experience working with a diverse client base addressing a wide range of mental health concerns. I have a broad experience of various therapeutic modalities and can tailor the sessions to each persons individual needs.
I have a quiet client centred approach to therapy with the relationship being the core of my work.
I see clients face to face in Margaret River, Augusta, Bunbury and Donnybrook.
I also offer online and telephone sessions for clients across Australia.
I have credit card facilities - my fees are a competitive rate of $130 per session (which can be less than what is paid in gap fees with a Health Care Plan).
You are welcome to have a free 15 minute telephone conversation to assess if you feel what I offer is a good fit for you and ask any questions you might have.

I provide Counselling/Psychotherapy online via Zoom - you do not need to have Zoom on your computer or phone.
It is a very simple process - I email you a link and all you need to do is click the link and you will be connected to our scheduled Zoom session.
I see clients regularly via Zoom and the outcomes are equal to face to face sessions.


Lyn Cannon has extensive experience working with people dealing with Grief and Loss - over years journeying with people through the loss of partners, children, parents, family members, friends and colleagues, family members to suicide plus people experiencing the grief associated with loss of employment, loss of a home, loss of a relationship through breakup (divorce, separation, children leaving home etc.) to the loss of a dearly loved pet.

If you are wanting help to begin to address the effects of
trauma or abuse in your life either past or present (including PTSD) Charis Counselling can help.
Lyn Cannon will create the safe emotional space for you to
quietly, calmly and at your own pace begin to take this very difficult journey to deal with the effects of trauma or abuse in your life.

At Charis Counselling Lyn Cannon has the training and experience and understands depression and anxiety (she understands the terrain) - she knows that it is impossible to know how you are really feeling - she will journey with you, encourage and support you to gain courage and strength to move forward - all be it very slowly - assisting you to find that inner strength to continue putting depression and anxiety behind you or at least be in control of it rather than it being in control of you.

Are you struggling with a difficult or dysfunctional relationship with -
- a partner
- family member
- friends
- work colleagues
- students
- children
- teenagers
- adults

There are many factors that can contribute to difficulty in negotiating challenging relationships
- your own processes can contribute to this e.g. lack of good boundaries, lack of assertiveness skills, your personality type etc.
- the other persons psychological processes can contribute also - their personality type, mental health issues, power and control, negative patterning in their lives etc.

Are you struggling with family relationships?
Your Mother, Father, a Sister, Brother, In-Laws, a Young Child, Teenager, or Young Adult Child

To find a positive way forward in your relationship - with who ever that might be - Lyn Cannon will listen to you and create the space in which you can work through that which troubles or challenges you. Lyn brings, many years of experience working with people facing all kinds relationship challenges, plus specialised training and qualifications in Counselling, Psychotherapy, Psychology and the Prepare/Enrich Program.