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Cyndi provides couselling and life coaching services, specialises in Self-Worth and Self-Esteem. Cyndi is the Founder, Certified Life Coach & Qualified NLP Practitioner at CExperiences.
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2 July 2020

I really enjoyed Cyndi's coaching session. She is very passionate about what she does, genuinely keen to have a conversation and connect with people. She put all her energy into the coaching session and guided me to move forward. Cyndi is very intelligent, knowledgeable and an expert of self-worth and confidence. I had some limiting beliefs around putting myself up on social media and didn't know where to start before the session. During the coaching session, Cyndi not only taught me simple steps and good tips for my business but also encouraged me to take immediate action. I have been able to take action in order to achieve my goal since. I would highly recommend Cyndi for anyone who wants to gain clarity on the direction and build confidence and self-worth. Thanks, Cyndi Liang More...

14 June 2020

I am a General Manager in a large organisation and I had the opportunity to be coached by Cyndi. Before coaching, I was unsure what how fast I could set up my own business and what sort of results I would achieve. Cyndi was able to coach me in a number of areas, including website creation, how to attract clients, and my fear of dealing with opinionated people. Now I feel very confident about these areas and it surprises me how much I get out of each session every time. Cyndi is very kind, smart, positive and has plenty of experience and knowledge in different areas. I would highly recommend Cyndi to you to support you in creating rapid results in life. More...

25 May 2020

Coaching with Cyndi is incredible. Our regular sessions have improved my self-worth and confidence with fast and noticeable changes. She has an amazing intuition and draws out of me things on a deeper level that I wasn't aware of. I have been very impressed by her ability to understand and care. She is very clever, knowledgeable and a true cheerleader! Kat Millar, Founder: Amplify Your Influence More...

24 May 2020

Cyndi is a very knowledgeable and intuitive coach. Her workshops are packed with information and tips to assist us in our growth journeys. She shares her vulnerabilities and is very relatable. More...

19 May 2020

Cyndi is a pleasant and thoughtful coach. Through her workshops, I learnt how to identify and accept emotions, how to decode emotions, how to manage emotions. I also learnt about the emotional scale, and different tools to improve emotional control. I was able to to relative myself to the contents and understand myself on a deeper level. More...

12 May 2020

Cyndi is a great listener and intuitive coach who goes deep while making me feel safe and understood. She has an uncanny ability to hone in on what I need most. This has allowed me to make measurable progress towards achieving my goals, and always in realistic way. Thank you More...

29 April 2020

Cyndi is really patient and listened very carefully of the two things I've been thinking about recently.

28 April 2020

I really enjoyed Cyndi’s session over Zoom. She was a good listener and knows how to ask the right questions to make me think deep and how to connect with what I want to achieve in my life. Through the first session, I realised that even though I might seem to know clearly about what my goals are, however, lack of ungency of taking actions to lead to those desired results are the areas I need to work on straight away. I was very impressed with how Cyndi leads an example by taking actions,which motivated me to act rather than react as well. Highly recommended! Tracy Cao Flowealth Mortgages More...

26 April 2020

Procrastination seminar was well structured and presented. Lots of useful insights

18 April 2020

Before coaching I found that I had a lot of ideas, but didn’t take the necessary action steps to achieve my goals. During coaching, Cyndi helped to clarify my goals and motivate me towards achieving them. Cyndi gave me tangible ideas, kept me motivated and held me accountable for my actions. After coaching, I felt more motivated towards achieving my goals, and had a guide towards how to do so. I would recommend Cyndi as a life coach to anyone looking to make changes in their life or achieve results. More...

16 April 2020

'You need to step out of your comfort zone, YaoHui Ding' This is what Cyndi Liang has told me during the last workshop. As an international student of civil engineering from Melbourne, there are so many challenges lying before me, lack of job opportunities under the impact of COVID-19, no connections or recommendations, etc. But I will always remember Cyndi Liang's words, stepping out of my comfort zone. Keep going and never settle. Thank you, Cyndi Liang. Thank you, CExperiences! More...

14 April 2020

Cyndi has a very pleasant phone manner and through her insightful questions, I was able to articulate my business goals and new ideas, realising that I have so many resources already at hand, and there are simple steps I can take to translate those ideas into more solid plans. Cyndi's also very encouraging and supportive! More...

13 April 2020

Yes, I had a session with Cyndi and she gave me tips on overcoming negative beliefs. Also, I enjoyed the online workshop that I attended on Sunday. Thank you Cyndi!

11 April 2020

I very much enjoyed your workshop Cyndi, you shared so much with us, both in terms of your own journey and how that has influenced you and your ability to help so many others. You also were able to provide a tangible, easy to understand structure as you took us through some of the insights you have learnt and want to take to a wider audience. Very professional and well presented. Excellent and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a little more about themselves. More...

7 April 2020

I really enjoyed Cyndi's webinar, it was very informative and fun to learn more about NLP and how coaching can be beneficial in many different ways. Since then I am getting a coaching session every week with Cyndi, she understood my situation and could quickly identify what I need to move forward. We also did some techniques to unblock me from my limits to keep moving forward. This gave me more clarity in my life and I'm now super excited getting closer to dream life day by day! Thank you Cyndi you are awesome! I'm looking forward for our next session this week :). I recommend anyone who is feeling stuck and don't know what to do to change their life. More...

22 March 2020

It was a wonderful workshop that explained the concept that everyone needs a coach and the difference it can make in our life, based on Cyndi’s own experience. Also went through a Coaching Session with Cyndi that clarified the actions and steps that I need to take to reach my goals. I’m grateful for the guidance, direction and clarity provided by Cyndi for my personal development. Can’t wait to start the next session with Cyndi!!! More...


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