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We're a leader in data driven online marketing solutions.

Cedilla Interactive is a full-service digital marketing agency in Sydney, providing customised, data driven online marketing strategies and solutions for our clients based on their target audience and goals.

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Building an amazing website is an art.
It is the first process in the funnel of brands connecting with their customers digitally.
What best can a user friendly and attractive website give? A lasting customer with a fulfilled experience.
Our work process is driven towards just this: bringing the business closer to its loyal customers.

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Customer Delight

Data-driven, human-centered experiences are what we create. Branding, positioning & targeted marketing of B2B and B2C commodities and services through objective-driven creatives and exceedingly focused media tools is our speciality.
From engaging content creation and content marketing to spectacular UI/UX creation for various platforms, PPC and marketing automation, SEO, social media marketing, web development and IT support, we do it all.
Cedilla Interactive has a significant presence in India, and through its subsidiaries in Singapore & Australia.


SEO is the finest piece of tech we have to drive organic results for our clients and we use it to the hilt. Working in the realms of both voice and non-voice SEO, we find innovative ways to create SEO-driven content and place them appropriately, hitting lucrative target rankings for the brands we handle. Accurately calculating keyword metrics and pushing them appropriately in order to rank higher through web page and content optimisation is our craft. Being aware that 4 in 5 consumers use their mobile devices to run local searches and having a mobile version of your website is not enough anymore drives us to deliver the next important SEO optimisation to our clients. We optimise your webpage for mobile devices and to achieve higher Google mobile page indexing. Our chase doesn’t end here. Every piece of content that is placed online on your brand’s behalf is SEO-perfected be they web content or blog or articles or why, even a YouTube video heading and description!

From Keywords Analysis & Meta Tags Analysis to Google My Business Optimisation, Mobile Site Optimisation, Page Speed Optimisation, Website Traffic Monitoring, Website Traffic Monitoring, Analytics Integration, Link Building, Site Audit & Performance Audit, we have got the works to make your brand omnipresent and omnipotent.

We deliver to our business partners a KPI-led and categorically different, impactful digital journey streamlining their entire social media communication into result-driven campaigns across the various social networks. We are constantly finding ways to improve your conversations with your target audience or, the means to do so, through the early adoption of the latest tools and upgrades from our social networking partners.

We are absolutely data-crazy. Every strategic move we suggest to our clients is data driven, delivering the desired result.

What we do
Social media management
Social media strategy
Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
Social media audits
Social listening
Social engagement
Lead generation and management
Predictive modelling
Brand consulting
Brand strategy
Brand awareness

Search Engine Marketing/PPC/Paid Search is all about channelising traffic to your website by buying ad spots on search engines. Working with platforms such as Google Ads, we deploy fool-proof, ROI-based targeting strategies using meticulously crafted content and, track and trace the audience that is appropriate for your brand.

We handle the entire gamut of Search Engine Marketing operations covering Paid Search Ads, Paid Search Advertising, PPC (Pay-Per-Click), PPC (Pay-Per-Call), CPC (Cost-Per-Click) and, CPM (Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions).

From deciding the web technology that is appropriate for your brand to creating visually stunning and remarkably user-friendly web experiences, our web development mavericks are up for any challenge you may have. We are PHP, Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Drupal specialists.

From the mundane requirements a brand may have such as

Website creation
Migration and maintenance
Domain registration and hosting
Setting up of e-commerce portals
Shopping cart and payment gateways
to the elitist

Chatbot and AI integrated services
Intuitive Design
Voice search optimisation
Micro animations
Responsive Web Design / Thumb-friendly navigation
Accelerated mobile pages and load speed
Minimalistic navigation
API-first design
… we do everything.

Showstopper User Interfaces that also deliver engaging experiences are what businesses need, given the competition they are facing. And that is all we do, all day. Making your websites, apps, chatbots, presentations and social media communication stand apart and deliver a consistent customer experience across media is our speciality. If sculpting a great brand experience online is what you are looking for, we suggest that you catch us phone over or a cup of coffee.

A UI/UX team delivering fresh ideas, creating iconic customer experiences have resulted in our clients achieving high on your conversion rates, high influx of returning customers and maximization of revenues.

What we do
Website Design UI/UX
Responsive Web Design
Mobile App UI/UX
Landing Page and Emailer Design
Interactive Brochures Animation

Developing a content strategy based on used behaviour in a way that is relevant to your business is one of the first things we do. We believe in “right content, marketed right”. Original, brand relevant, creative content creation and content marketing drives it for our clients online. We create and distribute valuable, relevant and brand consistent content to drive customer engagement.

We suggest and provide optimized content for


Markeging Automation & Campaign Mangement Services
We take the very ordinary concept of email and craft it to deliver astounding results. While the emailer is a direct and personalised communication to your customer, there’s always only one chance at getting it right. Creating emailers that influence readers and lead them to pre-decided CTAs is among the things our content writers and UI designers excel at.

To create impactful emailers that move the customer to click it open, read it, remember it and look forward to further communication from the brand, it is necessary to understand the intricacies of what works in a emailer design and, what can lead on a customer reading the emailer to take the next pre-set course of action. Our content and design team alongside our brand strategists and social media marketers to deliver visually stunning and engaging emailer experiences.

Web Analytics Services
A more nuanced knowledge of what web analytics can do for you is what we always try to impart to our clients. We help you understand and receive information on

WHO your visitors are (their number repeat of visits to the website, unique visitors, ratio of new to returning customers, where they are from, what device they are accessing your website on and more)
WHAT your audience does online (how they enter the website – whether it is through a new landing page which is the result of a campaign or not, where they exit the website, how long they stay on, their frequently visited pages, number of pages they browse through per visit, etc.), and the chemistry of
WHICH (which campaigns brought more traffic, which keywords worked best, which medium of communication – email/social media works best for your client to get footfalls on your website, etc.)
Our Website Analytics gets you data and insights that help create a better user experience for your website visitors. We use Google Analytics to get you real-time analytics, enhanced e-commerce reports, intelligent monitoring, content interface experiment data, acquisition devise, data importing and more.