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Brave New Learning is a teaching service which focusses on extending students in English. Classes have 2-6 students and concentrate on learning Scholarship and Select Entry programs to challenge students to gain academic confidence and skill.

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12 November 2021

Andrea is extremely dedicated and supportive, going above and beyond for her students. She knows every text to a great extent and taught in a way that was super engaging and fun. She provided comprehensive, detailed feedback to every single essay I wrote in preparation for exams in addition to extensive feedback for essays I wrote preparing for sacs throughout the year. She gets to know all her students’ weaknesses in English and specially focuses on improving these weaknesses. After going to Andrea, I was able to go from an average B student to an A+ student for VCE English. Highly recommend Andrea for English tutoring! More...

5 July 2020

Andrea is one of the most caring, helpful teachers I have had the opportunity to work with over the years. She has been teaching me how to analyse texts and write detailed responses to them since I was in Year 9. Over the years I have found that under her experienced and gifted eye, I have been able to significantly improve and challenge myself further. She is an incredibly hard worker that puts her heart and soul into providing her students with original resources, in order for them to feel more comfortable with their writing. She constantly puts effort into helping her students flourish both academically and as individuals, that are well equiped with knowledge of modern issues. She is supportive and I would highly recommend her to students who wish to be taught by a compassionate, hard working teacher that tries her absolute hardest to help them achieve their goals. More...

5 July 2020

Andrea tutored me for VCE English, and she was absolutely fantastic. She is a detail-orientated person, and initiated insightful discussion and nuanced analysis of the VCE texts. Her lessons are well structured and learning under Andrea was a wonderful experience, since she genuinely cares for her students. More...


I love providing my students with opportunities to be confident and proud of the work they do. Helping to foster young adults to actually enjoy learning and thinking allows them to achieve their full potential.

As a qualified teacher, I know we have a great education system but I want a stronger focus for those students who want to challenge themselves. This teaching business is for students who receive above B grades at school but want to improve further.

Brave New Learning is about catering to students who want to be in the top 10% of Victoria. My programs are directly related to teaching how to differentiate course work and exams so that they stand out from other students. My students love coming to Brave New Learning and appreciate the help that enables them to improve their Study Score and ATAR results.

I have a couple of online classes left but most have returned to face-to-face classes.

Brave New Learning has a Covid Safe Plan in place. All surfaces in the rooms and stationery are continually cleaned. Those wishing to remain online, can do so.


- close study of VCCA approved texts (textual construction, author context, historical, political and cultural context of a text, messages and themes in a text)
- all forms of writing for SACs
- targeted at high performing students who generally receive grades above a B
- all resources and programs made by me
- exemplar samples provided to students