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If your family law situation has been on your mind, you will want to know how to solve it. Property settlements, parenting arrangements, financial agreements, child support situations - whatever your case involves, chances are we’ve seen it before.

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People come to us at one of the worst time in their lives. They are probably not sleeping well, and are walking around with fifty questions in their head. It is rewarding for us to provide instant help by distilling those 50 questions into those that will really matter. This focus allows clients to feel more in control, and armed with what they need to deal with their situation. To see people empowered in this way is very rewarding for a lawyer to see.

The 3 directors of BGM Family Lawyers previously worked together, as employees, in another large, specialist family law firm. We decided that we wanted to do family law 'our' way - to have a more direct, and personal, relationship, with our clients. So we brought our cumulative experience together to start our own family law firm! And we have practiced family law 'our' way ever since. Our business is very much a reflection of us - our culture, and the way we can best help our clients.

Family law is a very 'personal' area of law. It is quite a close professional relationship, as you will find yourself revealing information to your family lawyer which you likely do not even discuss with family and friends. It is therefore based on trust, and needs to 'work' - a sense that you are getting direct advice, accompanied by a genuine wish to help you. In essence, you must feel that your lawyer is guiding you, and is 'on your side'. Our lawyers have always practiced in this area of law, and among them will be the lawyer-client relationship you have been looking for, and which will 'work' for you.


Before you make an appointment to see a lawyer, you might like to talk to one of us – to have an opportunity to summarise your problem, and what you feel you will need from us. If you would like a 15 minute chat before meeting with us (obligation free, and at no charge), please select a time from our online calendar (at www.bgm.legal), and we’ll call you then – to hear from you, to confirm that we can help you, and to help get you started.

Allow us the opportunity to help. Scheduling an appointment with us provides us the opportunity to:

Hear from you about the things that are worrying you

Provide you with advice about the applicable law

Assemble the options you have in tackling that problem

Answer your questions

Those meetings usually take about 1 hour. Our objective is to deliver as much value to you in that time as is possible, so that you have a clear direction in solving your problem. You will leave that initial meeting with an understanding of the range of possible outcomes to your unique problem, and the approaches open to you in solving that problem.

Our aim is to see to it that you walk away from meeting us informed, less anxious about the future, and empowered to move forward.

Our initial meetings take place at our office at Coomera on the Gold Coast. But we see clients in Brisbane by appointment too! Appointments via electronic means (Skype, Hangouts, Zoom) are no problem either.