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A Trusted Sydney Commercial Cleaning Team Providing Affordable Cleaning Services To The Residential Market During These Uncertain Times.

We’re a commercial cleaning business for the customer that does not wish to engage a large company or unreliable small businesses.

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Maids Cleaning Sydney (6 months) - Purchased and sold in a 6 month period selling deals on Groupon, Cudo etc...
SOS Cleaning Sydney (2 years) - Registered Sole Trader, after hiring homeless people and delivering our services to a customer that was happy to accomodate them, we lost the business in a court case with an insurance company due to a relapce of one of our ex employees.
BeClean Australia (2 years) - After some ups & downs BeClean Australia was registered. Armed now with employement relations advise teams, new policies, a wealth of experience and new and exciting equipment, Oliver O'Malley founded and continues to direct BeClean Australia along with his experienced managment team and highly trained, police checked & heavily inducted employees.

Yes. We use commercial grade equipment that we replace and maintain on a regular schedule. We use very high quality colour coded microfibers to clean with, and would never cross contaminate surfaces, (especially from the bathroom)!

SANITISING - We manufacture our own cleaning & sanitising chemical each day to reduce plastic waste and harmful manufacturing processes. This is a green chemical that is safe to pets and young children. We do have harsh chemicals for extra tough cleaning (ovens etc...)

COVID-19 SAFE - All our cleaners have completed relevant certificates available to view on our website in the link provided in this profile. We also use FOGGING MACHINES at an extra cost. (Our education facilities do this daily)

WINDOW CLEANING - We use RODI waterfed poles and tanks and will require access to a garden tap

CARPET CLEANING - We use a dual motor high end extraction cleaning machine with appropriate high end chemicals to ensure we cause no damage to your property. We have cleaned a range of goods including very expensive rugs priced well over $50,000.00 with no issues and great results.

RESPONSE FROM OLIVER (Director) - "The flexibility, opportunities to work as much or as little as possible, provide employment to an amazing and often struggling group of people and the ability to satisfy the OCD in me. I don't think I would hire someone that didn't display medium - high tendancies of OCD. We leave a mess of pens on the desk at interviews, if they don't subconsciously leave them organised by the time the interview is over, that person will most likely not be hired. It's a little left field but it works.

RESPONSE FROM OLIVER (Director) - "Richard Branson & the incessant need to help people my mother left me with".

For all the reasons we just said and the fact that if we don't deliver exactly what we say we will, we will stay until we do.