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12Three Digital offer professional and cost-effective web design and development services for customers across Australia & New Zealand

What Makes 12Three Digital Different

We are committed to making your presence on the internet as effective as possible.

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24 April 2020

They took my money, Didn’t design anything or take any details about my company to design a logo.

I cancelled my order with in 24hrs. I was promised a refund with in 24hours, then was told it would be 10 business days. After many phone calls I was then told 30 days here we are 40 days later and still no refund. More...

12Three Digital

Reply from 12Three Digital

Hi William, You have the wrong business!! We don't design logos. We are a digital marketing agency.

20 April 2020

Sophisticated technology and approach to Google Adwords that simplified everything and provided real leads with their free offer. Our sales leads went up by 25% within the first month and have continued to thrive since. Thanks 12Three. More...


Good websites are well organised and follow a structure. They are not cluttered; they are clean and professional. They are also built around a target audience and market. Organisation makes a website accessible and user-friendly.

1. What’s the objective or business goal of the project?
2. What’s the project deadline? Are there any key milestones, important dates, or time constraints?
3. What criteria will you and your client use to determine project success?
4. Who is responsible for which project deliverables? Who are the stakeholders involved?
5. How will you communicate feedback and inform stakeholders of project success?
6. Has your team been through a project like this in the past?
7. Are there any obstacles or barriers that would prevent the project from being successful?

Creating something that didn't previously exist is intoxicating. ...
Designing products and features is completely addictive. ...
Solving people's problems is incredibly rewarding. ...
There is always something exciting to look forward to. ...
You will never, ever know everything. ...
Design inspiration is EVERYWHERE.

Building my own web design business is the most fun I’ve ever had while working. It was also a ton of work.

There is nothing easy about building a business, and the same goes for building your own web design agency. It takes skill, commitment, persistence, courage and consistency. There are no shortcuts.

We are an Award winning full-service agency specialising in e-commerce websites. We design websites that focus on your product & attract the right customers to you.

Absolutely yes.
We can provide our services 24/7 from any location to any location.

Because we are an online business we are able to work remotely. We have a number of different ways we can communicate with our customers for example zoom or Skype.


Website design process.
Website Discovery Session.
Marketplace Research.
Competitor Research/Analysis.
Website Design and Development.
Partnership and Relationship Development.
Where can your Website Budget be Saved?
Website Deliverables.

Innovative custom design
Optimised and conversion-focused product pages
Optimised checkout page for usability
Accept Credit Card and PayPal
Content management functionality
Manage multiple stores with a single dashboard

Content marketing.
Social media marketing.
Social media advertising.
Email marketing.

From small businesses to global enterprises, learn how real online retailers have leveraged the Magento CMS to create highly successful eCommerce platforms.

We have helped you list the top 500 most successful and popular stores with Shopify. You can see the Alexa rankings and template themes for these most of them.