Would you spend Halloween night in a graveyard?

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One of our service professionals, who has been trading through the site since the beginning of 2017, has reached out to us with a very special request.

We’ve pasted a screenshot of the email and the full text below, take a look:

Hi ,

Hope you’re well.

I’ve been trading through your site as a paranormal investigator for a year or so now, and the majority of my business does come from you guys – most of the requests for my services come through Bark, and I was wondering if you could help me on a request of my own.

On the 31st as I’m sure you’re aware it is Halloween, which many believe stemmed from the Sahmain ritual, and was celebrated during a time dedicated to remembering the dead, and I need five people to accompany me to a graveyard.

I don’t want to reveal too many details here, but I need five people to come to a paranormal hotspot which I discovered recently in Worcestershire. I’ve been researching the area for quite some time, and waiting for the right moment to test my theory, and as the 31st tends to be a more active time for paranormal activity that’s the night I’ve chosen to do it.

I need five people, who I will pay £200 for a night’s work with me. They won’t be required to do anything as such, except follow my instructions and stay at the location all night. It’s also worth noting that they’ll be required to sleep in an inverted pentagram and if they do decide to leave, which they are free to do at any point, they won’t receive payment.

I’m planning on performing various rituals in order to attract spirits near the epicentre of the energy surrounding the area, and will need the five people chosen to participate in them with me. For anyone who is keen to participate, they’ll need to send me detailed background info on their childhood and family history, as well as every tragedy that has occurred in their life.

I’ll be choosing the five people on the 30th October and contacting them on the morning of the 31st via phone, where I will disclose a meeting place and time. From there, we will travel together in my vehicle to the graveyard. Again, it’s worth noting that all participants must travel alone to the location, and if I suspect they’ve disclosed it to anyone else I will be forced to call it off.

I’ll also need detailed feedback the next day, and one week on from the event to see what energy transmitted through each person and what they saw, as well as whether they felt any spiritual presence come over them during the night.

I must stress this is a serious event, and attending should not be taken lightly. We will be calling on spirits and entities from the other side, and if anyone feels they won’t be able to stay for the entire night, I would recommend they don’t put themselves forward.

Other info: I’ll bring food and drink but people will need their own camping equipment. Ideally, and if weather allows, we won’t use tents but October in the UK is known for rain so pays to be prepared.

I know this isn’t typically how your site works, but if you could help me find people willing to attend I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you,

If you fancy making £200 and think you’re brave enough to spend the full Halloween night in a graveyard, you can submit your details here. Good luck!

51 thoughts on “Would you spend Halloween night in a graveyard?”

  1. Hi, my name is Grant. I’m 26 and have always been “connected” spiritually. I’ve had many tragedies in my life. Starting from aged 11, not so long after seeing a spirit actually! That nobody else could see. It appeared as glitter falling from the ceiling and would bang on the walls.
    First tragedy started at 11 when my mother met my now ex stepfather who was very abusive.
    Fast forward to 2016- I had a cardiac arrest following very minor surgery. One month after, I was in the Paris terrorist attacks. A lot happened in between. I was made homeless for a while and life hadn’t exactly been kind to me.
    I would absolutely love to participate in your event!!! And if I wasn’t successful for this one, I would love to be considered for any future event!

    Many thanks,

  2. I’m so down for this, i was doing a oujia board in a graveyard the other day, but nothing happened, although i am still very curious to see if the paranormal exists.

  3. greetings, I would very much like to apply for the opportunity. I am more than happy to travel to wherever the location is and spend the entire night at the cemetery, I am available on the day and will take the event seriously, no joking or mocking or any unprofessionalism. my email will be hidden but attached to this account or you can find me on FB, just pm, there aren’t many Josh Bellis’ out their, I’m sure you’ll find me.
    all the best – Josh

  4. Hi I’m 39 father of 4 . I just love stuff like this and I would travel down from Scotland to do it no problem . But only if traveling is paid for thanks..

  5. Hi your looking for people t9 spend the night in the grave yard then look no further .myself and Lee Steer owners of ghosts of Britain and the haunted world on Facebook would gladly do this without a shadow of a doubt . We have over 200thousand fans and followers from all over the world so why not give us a try . And we would donate any money to charity. And do this for free

  6. Hi there my name is Sinead , Id love to take part in this as ive always been interested in the unknown , I guess I should tell you some bits about myself … As a child I came from a broken home , my nan and grandad died a few days apart from each other in 96 and the following yr my mother died I was 12yrs old , a few yrs later my dad died I was 17 … I moved to England when I was 19 and had my 1st child at 20 , on the birth of my 3rd child we thought we were going to lose him as he was premature but he survived , sadly I lost my son when he was 2mths 2 days old , part of me feels it was a blessing the small time I had wit him as he died on his due date .
    We moved from that family he to another where we felt and seem strange things happen , it felt like there was evil around me so I had my home blessed by White wtches and used salts crystals and safe to free the house I also had our local priest bless my home as I felt what ever was in my new home was not happy about sharing the space we lived in and I just wanted it to be forgived and freed able to move forward into the light . Since my childhood ive always felt I could feel people round me even though there’s no 1 there . When my grandad died I remeber seeing him sitting at the end of my bed telling me it’s ok … When I told my mam the next day she told me grandad died after nanny got cremated at her funeral , you see they where separated for mths in different wards in hospital so they never got to say goodbye , after my nans funeral my family went back to my nans home , and while no one was looking my grandad went to the loo witout his oxygen tank and died in the family home , I felt like he said goodbye to me but not really goodbye if that makes sense , I feel him wit me always . sometimes I wake up but keep my eyes shut because I feel a hand rubbing my head as if there sitting wit me while I sleep …
    When I lost my son to cot death it ruined my world – ive still got the clothes he had on in a box un opened because I don’t feel I can take that pain yet , his ashes never got buried I keep them wit me always and when I need him I cuddle him so tight I feel as if he’s there wit me .
    I know this all might sound so crazy but if I could talk to someone on the other side to make sure my mam my son my nan and grandad are happy and not feeling pain I would be greatful wit that …
    I never really knew my dad – but wat I can remember of him is that he was not a nice man and hurt my family a lot so he would be my only fear if he was to answer .
    I hope that this is enough information for you guys .
    I wish you all a safe and interesting hunt ✌️ God bless

  7. I don’t believe in ghosts demons or any of the sort. I have tried contacting them in many ways before to never of heard anything. Prove me wrong?.

  8. Hello me and mate would love to do this and we can guarantee we would stay the entire night, if we leave we will give you £200

  9. I have been waiting to do a graveyard for ages I have spent nights in abandoned mental hospitals deva and Denbigh and would love to do a grave yard get me on your team please I love it

  10. I would absolutely love the opportunity to do this. I’m big into the paranormal and I think this is an amazing opportunity to be a part of this!

  11. I am the perfect candidate for you. I require proof of everything to truly believe but keep an open mind. I am a thick skinned logical thinker.

  12. I want to face my fears.
    I would like to experience this once in a life opportunity to sleep over in a graveyard.
    I would like to join this mission.

  13. My friend and I would definitely participate, my birthday is on Halloween and allegedly I am more susceptible to experiencing paranormal activities ?

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