Where to say ‘I do’ in the UK? Wales is the cheapest area to get married in the UK!

Other than a house, your wedding is probably the most expensive thing you’ll spend money on. From photography to the venue hire, every aspect of a wedding costs money, and it’s all designed to make your special day one to remember.

At Bark.com we have lots of wedding service professionals from across the country offering their services, so we wanted to see just how much the price of a wedding varies depending on where in the UK you get married.

Analysing internal data from 16 sectors across the wedding industry over the past year, we wanted to reveal which regions in the UK are the cheapest and most expensive to get married in. Here’s what we found…

Wales is the cheapest region for weddings with an average total spend of £11,926, followed by the East of England at £12,625 and Yorkshire & Humber at £13,651. Surprisingly, the most expensive region in the UK to have a wedding in is not London, but the East Midlands, at £22,180!

Here are our full findings:


(Lowest – Highest price)

Average cost

(Using all 16 sectors)

Wales £11,926
East of England £12,625
Yorkshire & Humber £13,651
Northern Ireland £13,772
South East £13,821
North West £13,957
Scotland £15,522
South West £16,600
North East £17,010
London £17,480
West Midlands £18,866
East Midlands £22,180

Sectors analysed in our research include wedding hair stylists, wedding planners, ceremony and reception venues, catering, flowers, DJs, wedding cakes, makeup, videography, photography, car hire, entertainment, music, musicians, photobooths, stationery and decorations. Our data and final averages do not include costs for clothing, jewellery and officiants.

Our research found that the highest supplier cost of a wedding in the UK is the catering (no surprise there), which costs on average £6,567, followed by the venue at £1,950 and music bands at £1,000. The cheapest service is hairstyling, which only costs £160 on average.

Bark.com co-founder, Kai Feller, said,

“It’s no secret that weddings can cost a lot of money, so with all the data available from our site, we wanted to help engaged couples by breaking down the average cost of weddings based on their location.

“It’s fascinating to see that weddings in Wales are over £10,000 cheaper than those in the East Midlands! However, these prices are the averages, so naturally there will be cheaper options for the more expensive regions. We hope our findings will help advise those who have been deliberating on where to have their wedding.”

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