How to keep the kids entertained at home

All of us are prone to getting a bit restless in lockdown, and kids are no exception. Unfortunately, during this time they cannot go to soft play or even attend birthday parties. Even their after-school activities are on hold.

However, with just a little imagination it’s easy to come up with plenty of ways to keep them entertained. They might just learn a thing or two while they are at it!

Here are our top ideas on what to do in lockdown for kids to tell you more. 


Crafts are amazing for kids because they cover lots of different ideas, and will keep them busy for hours. From papercraft to play-doh, anything goes! Crafting is also a constructive outlet that can benefit your child’s mental health in the long term. 

All you need is some paper, crayons, wool, stickers and paint and you have all the fun you need to last throughout lockdown and beyond. They could even make something for their grandparents who will no doubt be missing them during this time. 

Den building

Who doesn’t want a castle in their living room? Grab some bedsheets, cushions and set to work on constructing your fort. You can even decorate the outside with some fairy lights. Don’t forget a torch to be able to shine a light on any intruders. Some snacks will be appreciated too! 

Dens help to reimagine your living space, which during the cramped situation of lockdown will inject some enthusiasm into your home. It’s also easy to put everything away once you’ve finished, making this idea very low on effort but brilliant in the amount of enjoyment it will generate. 

Cooking lessons

Your kids might think dinner comes from the oven, but as you well know the reality is a little different! If you teach your children to cook while they are young, it’s a skill that will stay with them for life. Lockdown couldn’t be a better time to get a head start on this. 

The dishes you make are up to you, but a pastry-based pie is a great one. They will enjoy rolling out the pastry, and they can even write their name on the top! If you are looking to improve their nutrition, you can take the time to explain the benefits of each vegetable as they peel them. 


While your kids no doubt have plenty of board games (and screen-based games) to choose from, you can’t beat a classic game of Scrabble. In the age of texting, spelling is sadly becoming a skill that not all children are mastering anymore. 

With the disruption to their education due to the last lockdown, incorporating learning through games can make it a much more enjoyable experience. Scrabble Junior is ideal for younger kids, and also has a reversible board meaning they can grow with it as their skills improve. 

Decorate their bedrooms

If your kids have reached the stage of feeling utterly fed up, then switching up their bedrooms will give them a change of scenery. It can also help them transition to the next stage of their development, especially if their current bedroom feels a little babyish.

There’s no need to go wild on the budget either. Even a simple lick of paint can make a huge difference. Be sure to browse Pinterest to get some ideas. Creating a welcoming, calming space will help your child relax, especially after such a challenging year. They can also look forward to inviting their friends over to see their new room once things are back to normal.

To sum up

Sometimes when you are trying to keep kids entertained, you just have to go back to the drawing board. It’s not always about sticking them in front of a screen, rather spending quality time together. 

With the right approach, you could even use lockdown to make happy memories that they will remember in years to come, rather than the difficulties we are all facing right now.


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