We’re limiting how many responses a lead receives!

Calling all professionals…

We’ve got some exciting news to share!

We’ve introduced a new feature which lets you see just how many professionals have responded to a lead, making it even easier for you to pick the best customers for your business.

We’re also limiting the number of responses a lead receives, and you’ll see this change for all of your categories!

We’ll now display what the limit is and how many responses a lead has, making it even easier to choose your leads wisely. 

Keep an eye out for this information on your leads dashboard and in the emails we send you about new leads. 

We’ll keep it short and sweet, but if you’d like to know more about this new feature, and more importantly, how it can benefit your business, drop us a line on team@bark.com

Or give us a bell! Our friendly Customer Success team work around the clock so call them at a time that suits you. Find your region-specific number on our website and get in touch today. 

We’ll keep working hard to make Bark the best place to grow your business.

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