Want to earn £10k? All you have to do is put on 5 stone and lose it in 6 months!

We’re recruiting a member of the public to put on five stone in 3 months then lose it in 3 months and we will pay you £10,000 to do it!

We’ve launched this to showcase that losing a considerable amount of weight is possible in a short space of time, after the UK was revealed as the most overweight country in Western Europe. It might seem like an unrealistic venture, but we’ve partnered with our top personal trainers to help you achieve this goal.

Candidates need to be 18 years old or older and able to attend PT sessions at least five times a week. You must be willing to do whatever it takes and capable of completing all types of activities, such as cycling, swimming and boxing.

You will be required to eat an extra 3,500 calories a day approximately in the three month ‘weight gain’ period. However, this will be dependent on your body type, height, gender and age, which will be assessed at the start. The process will be completed in a safe manner under the supervision of your GP and personal trainer.

The successful candidate will be required to have a check-up at their doctors prior to putting on weight to ensure they are healthy to do so. If your GP does not agree you are physically or emotionally fit to take on this challenge, we have the right to terminate the contract immediately.

A 5% advance of the £10,000 will be given to the selected applicant at the start of the process and will receive the remaining balance once they’ve successfully lost the weight at the end of the six months.

If you’d like the chance to take on this challenge and earn some extra cash, please tell us a little bit about yourself and why you’d like to be involved by filling in a form here.

Personal trainers who are interested in taking part in the challenge can register as a Bark.com service provider here, however their participation is dependent on the successful candidate’s location.  

Kai Feller, co-founder of Bark.com, said,

“We have some incredible personal trainers onsite and we hope this project will demonstrate how attainable losing a large amount of weight is with the right help and support.

“This is a life changing opportunity for someone to gain invaluable knowledge, get fit and healthy and earn a considerable amount of extra cash!”

2 thoughts on “Want to earn £10k? All you have to do is put on 5 stone and lose it in 6 months!”

  1. I’m interested but already massively obese so can I miss where you gain the 5 stone part as I’m 24 stone already. Would love to lose the weight, doctor wants me to lose the weight.

  2. Insane, why would anyone be so stupid as to take up this challenge even for £10,000, putting their health at risk. If you aren’t to conduct an experiment why not use someone who is already 5 stone overweight, I am sure there are plenty of people out there who qualify!

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