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Ultimate Cleaning Checklist: 176 Things You Should Clean at Home [Free Download]

Whether you are a mum, running around like a headless chicken tidying up after everyone, a dad with a treasure trove of tools and equipment or a student looking to move house, you will always need a hand have someone asking you to clean up!

We have spent many hours quizzing our cleaners and stay at home parents about every nook and cranny of cleaning to compile the most comprehensive checklist for you.

Which type of cleaner are you?

Do you sweep everything under the carpet with Mont Blanc piling up under the coffee table or do you prefer to tackle the dirty stuff head on?

If you have a burning desire to tackle head on, or you just wish you did, here is a powerful list for you to get stuck into.

If you wish you started doing things instead of actually doing them, you’ll already know that it’s not always easy to break out of our habits, cleaning being no exception. You have most likely mastered your muscle memory for your current routine and changing that might take a little time.

But take heart!

Our planner is a great place to start, full of golden nuggets of information to carry you on the road to clean.

Using The Cleaners Checklist

The checklist helps you break down cleaning tasks into a manageable pieces.

  • Light: 1-2 times per week
  • Medium: 1-2 time every 3 months
  • Deep: 1 time per year

You can even add family members to each task to help you out and slash cleaning times. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not give a price for each item and watch how eager the children become to earn their pocket money!

Cleaners Checklist (Excel)

House Proud?

Show us your best cleaning moments by uploading them to Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram with the hashtag #barketer. We love to see what inspires you and be house proud. If you have any extra cleaning tips, please let us know in the comments below and we may add them to the printable list.

Cleaning aficionados, do you think we have missed anything? Please let us know and we will update the list!

Download The Ultimate Cleaning Checklist (Printable)

Get the customisable Excel spreadsheet here

P.S. Did we mention it’s free to download? We’ve spent many hours creating this cleaning planner, if you have found it useful please bookmark it and share with your friends and family.

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  1. The one big tip I give my customers for stain removal is always avoid rubbing…

    It’s so tempting to scrub a carpet to try and remove a stain however this will open up the fibres encouraging the stain to spread and go deeper into the fibre itself.

    If you spill a liquid, always blot as much as possible. Get kitchen towel or an absorbent cloth such as a terry towel (be careful of colour you choose, try and use white as you could transfer dyes to carpet) place over the spill and allow to absorb as much as possible. Then get more towel and apply some pressure to absorb more. Keep repeating to absorb as much as possible. This should help reduce the stain from spreading and give better results in the stain treatment process.

    For stain treatment itself it is very difficult to offer advice because there are so many different possible stains and indeed carpet fibre types that all need to be treated individually. If ever in doubt call a local professional, as you can easily cause irreversible damage if you use the wrong method.

    Also, a good tip: You can never Hoover a carpet too much.

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