The weird and wonderful jobs & their salaries

It’s no secret that with the advancement of technology, there are more weird and wonderful ways for people to make money, and as people’s disposable income rises, so does the demand for the more unconventional services. So, we decided to conduct some research on which weird and wonderful jobs come with the best salaries, comparing the data with similarly-paid conventional jobs, and the results were pretty impressive.

Here are the top ten most unique yet highly paid jobs in the UK:

  1.   Feng Shui consultant £72,000
  2.   Period conservation practitioner £69,400
  3.   Canine psychiatric therapist £63,900
  4.   Upholsterer £57,200
  5.   Hypnotherapist £57,000
  6.   Qigong therapist £55,900
  7.   Homestager £49,600
  8.   Scuba diving instructor £45,000
  9.   Shiatsu therapist £41,250
  10.   Harpist £41,075

So, the average salary for the above jobs is £55,232, which is interestingly 16.3% more than a Lawyers average salary in the UK at £47,500*, and 9.4% more than a Dentist’s at £50,466**.

It’s also surprising to think that surgeons earn an average salary of £77,000***, which is close to a Feng Shui consultant’s salary of £72,000, despite Feng Shui consultants only having to take a part-time 12 month training course costing £3,400 to practice in the profession. A stark contrast to what surgeons need to do, who spend around 14 years in medical school, and end up owing £63,400**** in student debt on average – a huge difference, especially considering the disparity in the seriousness of the professions.

Kai Feller, co-founder, said,

‘It’s interesting to see how well these unique and wonderful jobs pay, especially when you compare the salaries to those of conventional well-paid jobs. At we are proud to be able to connect people to the right professionals through our online platform, whether that be for interior design services or help with a troublesome pet!’





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