The Certificate of Excellence Awards 2018/19

Are You The Best At What You Do?

We want to acknowledge the best Sellers on Bark who offer an outstanding service to their clients, and help you stand out from the crowd.

Introducing the Certificate of Excellence Awards 2018/19.

Achieve Excellence

These are the three main factors that we will be using to pick the best Sellers for the award.

1. Reviews
2. Response Time
3. Profile Completion

There’s more detailed information below on how to be the best in these three areas and be awarded the Certificate of Excellence Award 2018/19.

Winners will be announced December 2018.



To qualify, you need to have a strong review rating.

How can I get more reviews and improve my score?

Add Reviews Badge
Add the reviews badge to your website to encourage those who may not have been hired via Bark to leave feedback.

Link Accounts
Link your Google and Facebook accounts and we’ll pull through any reviews (these will show on your reviews badge).

Request Reviews
Request reviews from your previous Bark customers.

Request Reviews from Clients You’ve Secured Outside of Bark
You can even request reviews from customers you haven’t secured from Bark.

Log in to your account >


Response Time

To qualify, you’ll need to respond to requests quickly – we recommend within 12 hours or less. The faster you respond, the higher your chances of securing new business.

Enabling One-Click Response can improve your response time by up to 43%.

Log in to your account >


Profile Completion

To qualify, you should have a strong Seller profile. Our top sellers have an average profile completion of 70%.

Your profile is the first place a client will go to find out more about your company before deciding whether they would like to work with you.

How can I improve my seller profile?

Link Accounts
Link your Google and Facebook accounts and we’ll pull through profile pictures, photos and reviews to enrich your profile.

See How Others View You
Check how clients will view your profile to see how it will look to them, and better understand where you can improve.

Log in to your account >


Need Some Assistance?

If you require any assistance, or have any questions about the Certificate of Excellence Awards, please get in touch by emailing, or by calling us.

UK: 020 3697 0237 (9am-6pm Mon-Fri)
US: (424) 227-5323 (Mon-Fri 9am-8pm Eastern)

74 thoughts on “The Certificate of Excellence Awards 2018/19”

  1. Yes, I’d like to learn more. I’m good at social media and website design (and hosting), but would I call myself the best in Cape Coral, probably not. There are some excellent ones down here (in SW Florida). I am though, one of the best marketing professionals (over 20 years of small business marketing consulting experience) and printing professionals (nearly 20 years as a professional print broker, always getting the highest quality printing at the cheapest pricing around).

    I would be more than willing to add whatever links, reviews and links to bark if it would bring me more qualified customers and I am ALWAYS timely! Let me know.

  2. Hi Guys, I would like to win all areas especially Naples & Bonita springs Florida-Marco Island & Cape Coral are good Naples BEST! Please address if I am in good enough order to win all excellence awards ? Greatly appriciate that<Thanks Chef Ron 239-777-5137

    1. Hi Chef Ron, thanks for your response. We can let you know what you need to be considered for the award, just drop us an email to and we can look into it for you. Thanks!

  3. With a proud 5 star rating, I have cultivated an environment where other’s come for peace, de stress their bodies and relax their busy minds. Therapeutic beginners yoga, expert instructions. Duly licensed.

    Katrina Klein

    1. Hi, we have sent emails to all our sellers with instructions on what you’ll need to do to be considered for the awards. If you want some help with this, you can email for assistance. – The Bark Team

  4. I look forward to being considered for this award Bark team – I answer every reply within 1 minute of seeing it during business hours, ( by the way, I think my average response time goes down if I reply in the am to an overnight bark which isn’t fair), I have solid reviews and I offer a great service at a fair price. I am Elite on my other company and am getting Elite today on SPYDER. thanks, Jim, President,

    1. Hi. You can log into your Bark seller account via From there you’ll be able to easily navigate to your profile and make your desired changes. If you need any further help, email – The Bark Team

    1. H – sounds great! We’re sure you’re well on track, but if you’d like for us to check over your account to ensure you’re in the runnings, you’ll need to email – Thanks! – The Bark Team

  5. Thanks for your time and effort. I’m very please and happy working with BARK
    And I’m trying to be the best Many Thanks cyrus

    1. Hi – It’s not something that’s available for purchase. The certificate is offered to our best, most proficient and well reviewed sellers. Our support team can ensure that you’re in with the best chance of winning this – you’ll just need to email and we can look into where you’re at – The Bark Team

  6. Hi there,
    My business is not based in Poringland. I believe this may be the previous owner of No Letting Go – Norwich?
    I am based near Watton, Norfolk and acquired No Letting Go – Norwich January 2nd 2018

  7. Thank you, I heartily recommend a very easy and understandable site.

    Thank you, I have some great clients. I count on a certificate thanks which I will be even more credible and I will get even more clients in my Area SL1

    Regards Joanna

  8. Excellent, I have been referring my out of house customers from Harley street to Bark. They have used bark for other services they have required.

    It’s been a great platform as an icebreaker introducing myself and others.

    Charlotte Sra

  9. It’s humbling to know we are making a good in pact out there on the field, being acknowledged for our hard work and excellent customer service makes it all worth while.

    Many thanks for S.B Electrical & AV

  10. We at A-Tech Home improvements are only a small firm but we offer the best quality and the best prices of all styles of fencing work in the West Midlands…
    and I would like to see if we can win the Certificate of Excellence Award..

  11. Thank you for this email I have been awarded previously (Best Three Dog Walker in Solihull & LUX Magazine – Best Dog Walker in Solihull) in the last 12 months! So my record speaks for itself. Your quoted response time of my three days is incorrect. When you have allowed a free reply everyone I have replied to has ignored my response this is less than 24 hours from when you advised me of a new client! I do not respond to any that require credits as I’m not that difficult to find on the internet if people are genuine clients! I would be interested to hear your response.

    1. Hi – interesting to read! The best people to speak with here are the support team, as they can help with your questions, you can reach out to them direct via email to

  12. Do all of my google reviews count and if so, I have mentioned this before, why are they not all showing under my profile?

    1. Hi Steve – they absolutely will do. We bulk update all google reviews, so they aren’t done automatically. This is a free aspect of our service and we will be updating everyones google reviews in the near future. Thanks – The Bark Team

  13. Having been a client with for nearly 2 years, now I feel that I have all the qualifications for The Certificate of Excellence. Since early 2017, the Barks I have received, and the way in which I handle them has revolutionised my operation. As a true believer in the Law of Averages, as long as I keep focused on that the results are alwaysthe same. A great SUCCESS! Regards Mel. Midas Video Production. 9th November 2019

  14. Hi Team
    This is another brilliant idea from
    I am very interested in obtaining the award.
    At present, five fully qualified Accountants at Top Choice Accountants are dealing with the requirements of 92 clients –
    73 of which were obtained via the excellent
    The plan from 1.2.19 is to take on at least a further 60 clients.
    We specialise with sole traders and partnerships and prepare full business plans if required.
    Partner & Chief Consultant

    1. Hi Rob! Always a pleasure hearing from you – we’re delighted to hear of your ongoing success. It looks like you may be on track to get the certificate already, but we want to make sure you’re 100% there. If you drop us an email to we can look into what’s missing, if anything, to ensure you gain the certificate. – The Bark Team

  15. I have a very good understanding with all my customers to the point they ask for advice on other services, I also talk to and send them other services we can offer, The latest service with the winter weather upon us is Fogging, it is recommended in schools, Hospitals, etc, any where the general public gather – even doctors surgeries, public transport, It treats the cold and spreadable infections which cause staff to have time off work ( a big cost to any company), children’s absence from school. We also are offering a 1 x per year service of supply and install Christmas trees for receptions, offices – anywhere you want.

  16. We have the designers that can give you the type of wedding you would be proud of.Best is in the eyes of other people and that can differ from person to person.The bride is the main one we make every effort to please.

  17. Just want to comment again that I think a minor change in your good business model would really work well for vendors/service providers, and would go a long way to attract new vendors to your site. I truly feel that charging those interested in services, even just a tiny amount, so they are more invested and take their requests seriously, would prevent pranksters and others just having a desperate moment in the middle of the night. My experience has been borne out by others I have asked. People submit requests, we respond, send them messages and leave voice mail and they do not reply. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens enough. Why not make them pay even a dollar or two to put in a request? I think it would serve you and your vendors

    1. Hi, an interesting suggestion. We have passed this onto the development team here at Bark for them to take into consideration. We will of course keep you up to date with any future developments and improvements to the service that you may be interested in. For now, if you have any further questions or issues, we can speak direct via email on

  18. Not matter how hard I try I don’t know how to complete my sellers profile . I’ve done all I think I can and it sits below 50%

  19. Hi I think my business should receive this certificate as I have the best reputation & love to help others , my ponies help autism aswell as my donkeys , the time & dedication myself & staff put into horseworld is outstanding! Please take the time to read our reviews just fantastic!

  20. GOAT Fitness is the best rated personal training facility in Orange County. 5 perfect stars across all platforms and we love our business. Please consider us and if anyone is in the Irvine area and wants to get in the best shape of their lives and build something the can be proud of while being in a fun environment then hit us up. Hurry though, we are about to be too busy lol.

  21. Great to see Bark recognizing Vendor Excellence! HUNTER is an award-winning digital marketing agency in NYC. We’ve been recognized as a Top Paid Search & Paid Social agency by Clutch and we look forward to being represented on Bark!

  22. Hi,

    We are definitely interested in winning this award. We do use bark often for all our clientele and we would like to ensure you consider us and put us forward for this award. What needs to be done by us to register?

  23. Thanks for contact me!! Is a Great Idea!! I would love ❤️ to ensure that we receive a reward this year!! Thanks,thanks,thanks so much and Happy Holidays!!

  24. Bark is an important part of my Financial Services and Mortgage Advice professional activities, to assist those seeking regulated advice.

    I would like to say my investment in Bark via acquiring enquires, has been a very positive experience and I have acquired many new clients using Bark, that will go into becoming long standing loyal clients. Thank you very much and long may Bark continue with your outstanding service.

  25. Thank you Bark for awarding me the Certificate of Excellence. I am thrilled and delighted and honored to receive this award. I hope to continue to stand up to the high standards for both my clients and what the award symbolizes!

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