The benefits of Elite Pro

Our Elite Pro membership program helps businesses on Bark stand out, and reap the rewards of having an enhanced presence on our platform.

Becoming an Elite Pro offers your business a range of benefits, and our Elite Pros are some of the most successful businesses on Bark.

1. Get hired more

Elite Pros are regularly suggested to more customers and have a greater interaction with them. As a result, they’re 50% more likely to get hired than standard Pros.

2. Increased exposure to new customers

As an Elite Pro, you’ll get prime position at the top of our online directory pages. This gets you seen by more customers and, by appearing in prominent places, you’re in a strong position to win more business.

3. Stand out from the crowd

Show all potential customers that you’re an Elite Pro with our exclusive badge. Upload the Elite Pro badge to your website and let everyone know that you’re dedicated to offering an excellent service.

4. Enjoy exclusive discounts

To further help you as an Elite Pro, you’ll regularly have access to exclusive offers and discounts to help you win more business for less.


If you want to take your Bark profile to the next level and start winning more business, upgrade and become an Elite Pro today.

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8 thoughts on “The benefits of Elite Pro”

    1. Hi,

      Not something we have direct access to I’m afraid!

      Regardless of how many there are, it’s always beneficial to stand out from the crowd and give your business as much visibility as possible.

      The Bark Team

    1. Hi!

      We offer elites exclusive discounts on credit pack.

      These are offered on occasion, and they’re the very best savings available for our Elite Members.

      Further information can be obtained by emailing


  1. As an Elite member would I still be required to purchase and use credits to bid on jobs or do elite members get to bid without credits?

    1. Hi! As an elite member you’d have plenty of benefits, but unlimited responses isn’t one of them at this time. You would still be required to buy credits as and when you need to respond to posts on our site.

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