6 Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Home Covid-19 Free

Most of us are comfortable with knowing how to protect ourselves from Covid-19 in public – practicing social distancing, regularly applying hand sanitiser, and the golden rule – washing our hands. But now that lockdown is easing, and more of us are venturing outdoors, how can we protect ourselves from Covid-19 sneaking into our homes? After all, we are still spending more time at home than ever, whether for work or leisure, so keeping our houses free from infection should be something we all know how to do. If you’re not sure how to avoid the spread of coronavirus in your house, you’re in the right place. Read our top cleaning tips for how to keep Covid-19 at bay in your home.

1) Tackle high-touch surfaces 

High-touch surfaces are everyday items and surfaces that run a greater risk of germ transmission as they are touched frequently during the day. Think of door handles, light switches, and smartphones. Wiping these surfaces down in your home at least two times a day is an effective way to reduce the spread of coronavirus. You don’t need fancy disinfectant that will break the bank – household cleaners will do the trick! If you don’t have time to clean your home yourself, why not hire a local cleaner to get the job done for you? They will be experts in germ prevention and disinfecting your home. 

2) Shop smartly 

Love it or hate it, shopping is one of those essential tasks that we just can’t avoid. While supermarkets are implementing several measures to keep customers safe, including limiting the number of people in-store and one-way flow systems, there is still a risk of Covid-19 transmission. Luckily, there are lots of ways to prevent coronavirus from entering your home. Make sure you wipe down food packages before putting them away, wash your hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds after unpacking your groceries, and regularly clean your kitchen counters with disinfectant. 

3) Wash your hands as soon as you get home 

Many of us are spending more time out and about now that lockdown is easing, whether that’s going back to work or seeing family or friends. Remember to wash your hands for at least twenty seconds as soon as you get home to prevent any unwanted germs creeping in. Covid-19 is like the unwelcome guest at the party – don’t let it worm its way inside. 

4) Turn up the heat a notch 

Germs can cling onto all sorts of surfaces, including clothes and towels. Washing these at a higher temperature can minimise the risk of germs spreading. Always check the label to find out the warmest washing temperature for each garment. Make sure you wash cleaning products like mop heads and dishcloths regularly, too. 

5) Get your kitchen sparkling clean

Kitchens are hot-beds for spreading germs. From coffee machines to chopping boards, they can hide in the most unexpected of places. If you want to keep your home Covid-19 free, keep your kitchen spick and span. As well as cleaning more obvious areas such as counters and tabletops, remember to tackle additional items such as small appliances and cutlery. 


6) Get rid of pet fur 

There is no better addition to a home than a beloved pet, but its fur can carry unwanted germs, including traces of coronavirus. To reduce germ transmission, regularly remove pet fur from your home and wash your hands after you touch your pet, especially after taking it for a walk. 

Can house cleaning really stop the spread of coronavirus? 

As much as it can be a pain, keeping on top of house cleaning is crucial for reducing the spread of infection in our homes, including Covid-19. Having a clean and tidy house also creates a serene environment for us to live in and keeps us healthier, both physically and mentally. So it’s a win-win. 

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Top tips to clear away those post-freshers blues

It’s so easy to get caught up in the joys of freshers week after the stress of getting to university and the nerves of meeting new people. And after all, fresher’s week is a time to relax and find your feet. But when the freshers cloud of cheap vodka and dodgy kebabs begins to fade, it can be hard to re-adjust and know what to do with yourself. Here are some tips to help clear away those post-freshers blues and get yourself going for the year ahead.

DJ set
About last night…

Quick off the block: It’s tempting to miss your first few classes – you’re exhausted from your first week and probably suffering from fresher’s flu. However, these first classes give out a lot of information and if you fall behind now, it’ll mean missing a lot of nights out later in the year. Try and make as many as possible and if you absolutely have to miss one then e-mail your lecturer to try and get some information.

Explore: It’s pretty safe to assume that most of your fresher’s experience took place in a kitchen, some questionable dark clubs and the local chicken shop. So get out and explore the area you’re in! Go for brunch, join a local sports team or get rid of all those fresher’s toxins with a nice spa day and massage. As an added bonus, you can get discounts for so many of these activities at the freshers fare!

Class Of University Students
Reminder – lectures are what you’re here for!

Supplement: It’s nice to have some down time, but remember you’ll never have this much free time again. You’ll probably regret it if you don’t make the most of your spare time at uni – so take up something on the side of your studies. Whether that’s photography or another language, broaden your horizons and you never know when it might come in handy.

Don’t feel trapped: Many students will spend freshers with their flatmates – mainly because this is easy and can help them feel more secure. This doesn’t mean you have to be best friends with these people for your entire life or even until third year – you can find friends in your classes or societies too. Do try and keep your flatmates on side though, you do still have to live with them and you don’t want to end up in a passive aggressive notes-on-the-butter stand off! 

Get some kind of routine: Okay, so we’re not going military style but try and get something of a schedule. Nobody wants to be left with a 3000-word essay to write the night before it’s due with a hangover, all our plates to clean and a massive pile of washing (cleaners don’t tend to fit in to the student budget – although for the lazy of you, we can help with finding a cleaner!) It is inviting to “forget” about tasks like this, but they are all part of university life, and getting on top of them can make the difference between grades.

Change course: Don’t be afraid to switch subjects – it’s better to do it early than to find yourself going into 3rd year with a course you hate. Do give things some time to settle though, as you might start to enjoy the course once you get into it. If this is on your mind go and speak to your advisor, head of department or even the careers department – all of whom are well placed to comment.

Budget: The most talked about – or the most ignored subject for students. Blowing all your money during freshers may seem like a great idea, but when you’re eating 18p instant noodles along in your room for the three months you might regret it! Many students do go into their overdraft so try and find one with no interest, but also thinking about getting a part-time job. It’s a great way of meeting new people and exploring the town a little more, and can help you make ends meet. 

 instant noodle
Trust us. You’ll regret it

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