Five reasons to hire an online dog trainer for your pandemic pup

2020 has been the year that made everybody reassess their priorities. For many people, this has resulted in a new addition to their home: a dog.

It may be that you live on your own and need company, or that you’ve discovered a new love for walking that you want to share with a four-legged friend. Whatever your reasons for deciding to welcome a dog into your home, your canine will need training.

Whether it’s a rescue dog that you’ve rehomed or a young puppy that you’ve carefully selected from a litter, your dog will be looking to you for guidance on how to behave in their new home.

Here are five reasons to consider hiring an online dog trainer.

Counteract the ‘new normal’ 

Everyone keeps talking about the ‘new normal’ that we’re all adapting to. This new normal means that you’re probably spending most of your day in the company of your four-legged friend which is great for bonding but may also mean that your dog is becoming reliant on you. This could become an issue when it comes to leaving your dog alone in the future.

Your dog is also missing out on everyday stimuli, such as other dogs, people outside your household, traffic, and loud noises. Investing time in training your dog at this challenging time can help to counteract this strange situation, ensuring that you aren’t left with deeply-rooted issues later down the line.

Keep your dog calm in quarantine 

There isn’t much that’s more stressful than your dog getting a sudden burst of energy when you’re in the middle of a Zoom meeting and deciding to destroy your chair leg!

Hiring an online dog trainer can help you to harness your dog’s energy and put it to good use. The online dog trainer can provide you with daily training exercises to do with your canine which will exercise their brain, leaving them worn out – so you can fool everyone into thinking you’re concentrating on that next video call.

Fend off the boredom 

Let’s face it – lockdown is boring. When you’re not working or doing your daily exercise, there isn’t much else to do.

An online dog training course will give you something else to get stuck into, with daily training exercises to complete with your pup. While all of your friends are comparing how many box sets they managed to watch, you can revel in your success of training your four-legged friend.

Don’t miss out 

When it comes to toilet training or lead training, there’s a critical window where your dog will be most receptive to training. Miss this window and it can be more difficult for your canine to master their new skills.

An online dog trainer can give you professional advice on the best way to train your specific breed of dog because they’re all different. The sooner you can train your dog, the less time they’ve got to get stuck in habits that are challenging to break.

Some things can’t wait 

There are some issues that need dealing with straight away. Dog behaviour problems, such as aggression, require immediate attention. Signs of aggression in your dog include growling, snarling, baring teeth, snapping, or lunging. Fail to address aggression in your dog immediately and you could be left with a serious problem.

Online dog trainers are highly skilled in dealing with issues such as aggressive dogs, giving you techniques and exercises that you can do at home with your pooch.

If you’re ready to get started with dog training, find a Dog Trainer on Bark.







Meet Dan – Owner and Founder of dogHEART

This week we’re heading to Richmond California to chat with Dan, owner and founder of dog training company dogHEART.

Let’s hear Dan’s story about building a successful career on Bark.

Can you tell us a little bit about you and your company? 

dogHEART is a behavior training business for Service Dogs and Pet dogs that started in 2017.

We strengthen the human-canine trust by showing humans how to bring out the best value in their dog so their dog will be safe, and owners will have confidence and peace of mind in public.

What were you doing before you launched your business? 

I was in business development, helping failing non-profits become sustainable.

What made you want to start your company?

I enjoyed helping non-profits continue their mission with underserved communities. But it was time for me to follow my dream to help people find comfort and strength in life and trauma through dogs.

Well-behaved dogs are powerful healers just by their presence and unconditional love. My dream is to start an Integrative Wellness Center, utilizing Service Dogs in a holistic approach to heal trauma.

When did you join Bark? What made you join? 

I decided to join Bark in November 2020 because I had to rethink how to continue business due to the Covid-19 pandemic locking everything down. I posted ads on Google Search and YouTube, which yielded minimal results. Bark was my only viable option.

Can you tell us about your experiences on Bark? 

I began to receive more results in two weeks than I did in two months with my other ads! By my third week, I had three clients. I cancelled my other ads, and I am staying with Bark.

What’s the best thing about Bark? 

There are so many great things I have found with Bark. Probably the best for me is their business model. I am no longer sending out ads, supposedly focused on my demographic, and waiting for clicks.

Bark reversed the current marketing model by allowing my business a space to be visible to the people seeking out my specific service, and I find that this model yields high returns on investment.

Any top tips for success on Bark?

Show your passion. Follow the profile template the Bark professional marketers set up. Contact your leads as soon as possible. Utilize the professional help that Bark provides.

What do you think of the Customer Success team at Bark? 

I have reached out to Bark’s Customer Success Team several times as I was getting started. I am continually impressed at how quickly I can get a real person who is courteous, professional, and who expedites solutions. 

How has Bark helped you during Covid-19?

I am thankful that I found and joined Bark. We all have to get through life during this difficult time. I find Bark to be the link between me and clients who need my services.

Anything else you’d like us to include? 

I am amazed at how much Bark wants business people like me to succeed by offering to reapply credits if you do not receive any clients from your first credit pack. I love that credits do not expire!

We’ve loved chatting with Dan today – it’s great to hear how he’s used Bark to follow his passion (and we didn’t mind the adorably cute pics of the dogs either!). If you’re looking for a dog trainer, then head over to Dan’s Bark profile. You can find more information about dogHEART, check out his reviews and make an enquiry – all from one place! Stuck at home? Dan also offers puppy training online (for puppies 2 months to 5 months of age).

16 things to do during lockdown

Life is on hold, but you don’t have to be 


Stuck indoors and looking to relieve the lockdown boredom? If you’re struggling to find a series on Netflix you haven’t watched, it’s time to think outside the box. Staying in doesn’t have to be a waste of time – why not discover a new skill or hobby? Not only will lockdown fly by, but you’ll come out of it as a new and improved version of yourself – win, win! 

Train your pooch! 

Give your pup some love this lockdown by giving them some behaviour training. Whether it’s combatting aggressive behaviour or teaching them basic obedience commands, dog training can lead to your pup living a longer and happier life. If you’re not sure, hire an online dog trainer and learn the most effective tips and tricks.

Learn a new language

Being stuck indoors is the perfect opportunity to brush up on your language skills. Long gone are the days of dusty old language books – there are now endless ways to learn a language online. Whether it’s watching foreign language shows on Netflix (with subtitles, of course!) or listening to podcasts, language learning doesn’t have to be boring anymore. 

If you’re serious about improving your language skills, hiring an online tutor is a perfect way to add some structure to your learning. They’ll also hold you accountable on the days where vegging out on the sofa is much more tempting! 

Set goals

If you enjoy living life in the fast-lane, lockdown might feel like it’s been put on pause. But having the time to slow down and reflect can be really helpful when it comes to understanding where you are in life and where you want to be. 

Whether it’s working towards financial independence or trying to live a healthier lifestyle, setting goals and breaking them into small daily tasks will help you to feel focused and productive. If your goals seem unattainable or you don’t know where to begin, why not hire an online life coach? As long as you’ve got a strong internet connection you can have consultations via video call, or over the telephone. 

Try a healthy new diet

One of the upsides of lockdown is that you can spend more time in the kitchen, try out new recipes, and kick-start healthy eating habits. If you have difficult dietary requirements or need help controlling your calorie intake, start your journey the right way by getting a nutritionist or dietitian.

Balance the books 

Okay, so not very exciting – but hear us out! Lockdown is the perfect time to get on top of those boring financial tasks. If your business has been affected by Covid-19, it might be time to reassess your financial situation. If you need some help getting your affairs in order, an online financial advisor will be able to help you manage a number of tasks, including cash-flows and reassessing your budget. 

Get the boring stuff out of the way so you can free up time for what’s important when lockdown ends! 

Kick bad habits 

Did you know it takes 21 days to break a bad habit? Lockdown is an ideal time to say goodbye to bad habits and form some healthy ones! The first step is identifying what you want to change and what your triggers are. 

Once you’ve figured that out, there are lots of exercises to help you combat a bad habit. A tried and tested one is replacing a bad behaviour with a good one – if you find yourself regularly reaching for the cookie jar, why not replace it with some dried fruit? Alternatively, you could hire an online hypnotherapist to help you with the legwork. 

Learn to code 

Coding is an incredibly sought after skill in our digital world, so why not give yourself a head start and give it a go? There are tonnes of online coding courses out there, or if you’re looking for more personal support, you can find an online coding tutor. 

Learn a new instrument 

Ever committed to taking up piano or the guitar only to find that you simply don’t have the time to practice every day? With so much time on your hands, lockdown is the ideal opportunity to get your daily practice in. Struggling to find your inner Beethoven? Find an online music tutor. 

Revamp your living space 

If you’re sick and tired of being stuck at home, maybe all you need is to give it a new look! Interior designers are now providing their services online – designing a ‘virtual’ room and filling it with real-life items available to purchase – pretty cool right?

Learn to draw 

Okay, so you may not be the next Picasso, but drawing is a great way to pass the time, and has been proven to help with anxiety and stress. If you’re serious about improving your sketching skills, it’s worth hiring an online drawing tutor to help you hone your craft. 

Give your website a face lift 

If your business has had to come up with new ways to connect with customers remotely this year, then having a great website should be at the top of your priorities. Whether it’s improving user experience (UX) or refreshing your content, investing time into your website will help to attract and retain new customers. But it can be a tricky task – especially if you don’t know the basics of web design. Hire a web designer to ensure your website gets the high-quality finish it deserves. 

Get fit 

With an abundance of online fitness classes to choose from, there’s no reason you can’t get fit from the comfort of your own home! Grab some household objects as weights and get moving! Getting an online personal trainer is a great way to add structure to your workouts and help you to achieve your fitness goals. 

Get party planning! 

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, or anniversary, lockdown is a perfect time to start planning your next event. Yes, the world seems uncertain, but there’s no harm in giving yourself a headstart for when normality resumes. If you need a helping hand, why not hire an online event and party plannerFrom scoping out the best venue to finding decorations, it’s easy for them to tick off their to-do list from home. 

Update your CV 

Smash the job market as soon as you get out of lockdown by updating and refreshing your CV. Not sure how to make the most of your CV? Online CV writers are on hand to ensure your CV is perfected and polished – highlighting your best bits!

Write a novel (or a blog) 

There’s no better time than during lockdown to get those creative juices flowing. Pick up a piece of paper and a pen (or your laptop) and start working on that novel you’ve been meaning to write for the last five years. Or if you don’t fancy yourself as the next William Shakespeare just yet, maybe ease yourself in with a blog post. 500 words are very different from 500 pages, after all! If you need a polished blog for your business, you can find online blog writers to do the hard work for you. 

Try out yoga 

Lockdown is the ideal opportunity to find your inner zen. Whether you’re an experienced yoga-lover or a complete beginner, there will be something online for your age and capability. All it takes is a quick two minute Google search. Alternatively, you could hire an online yoga instructor – they’ll be able to ensure your form and techniques are spot on, saving you nasty injuries later down the line. 






5 FAQs about training your pup

Ask a stupid question day is an annual holiday, celebrated on the 28th of September. 

It’s purpose? To encourage us to ask more questions, no matter how silly we think they might be. 

If you have a brand new pup, you probably have a lot of questions about how to train them. After all, it’s not easy, especially if it’s your first time being a proud dog owner! 

In the spirit of ask a stupid question day, we’ve answered the five questions you might be dying to ask when it comes to training your pooch. 

How do I toilet train my puppy?

Toilet training your pup isn’t the easiest of tasks. No matter what toilet time routine you set them, they might have something else in mind. One of the easiest ways around it is setting a regular feeding schedule, which helps to avoid any unwanted accidents. Remember to designate a space for them to go to the toilet, too, as this will help your pooch remember where to go next time. 

When should I start training my pup? 

It’s never too early to start training your puppy – did you know dogs start retaining information as early as five weeks of age? There is no harm in encouraging positive behaviour right from the start – in fact, the earlier you start teaching your furry-friend positive habits, the easier it will be for them to absorb what they learn. So why not start training them as soon as they come home?

How do I socialise my pup?

Socialisation is the process where puppies learn how to interact with other animals and humans. It’s important to expose your pup to a wide variety of situations and environments so that they learn how to get along with other dogs early on. It can make the difference between your puppy becoming friendly and well-behaved or aggressive and shy. If you don’t make socialising your dog a priority from the beginning, the issue will only get worse in their later life. 

How do I teach my dog their name? 

This might seem obvious, but if you don’t teach your puppy their name from early on they may never learn it themselves! Make sure you consciously call your dog by their name throughout the day, rewarding them with treats or affection once it gets their attention. Remember not to confuse your dog by calling them another nickname that you have just made up on the spot, as tempting as it is. 

What dog training equipment should I use? 

Always opt for equipment that takes into consideration your dog’s safety. Switching a dog collar for a harness is less damaging to their neck, especially if they are pulling. Always remember your safety, too. If your pup is particularly troublesome, a retractable leash is probably not the best option, as it gives you little control of your dog’s movements. Stick to a shorter, non – retractable leash at the beginning – this will also help to avoid any nasty occurrences of your pup running out into the road, which you want to avoid at all costs. 

To sum up 

Still struggling with taming your pup? Dog trainers are experts in improving behaviour and obedience training in dogs of all shapes and sizes. Find local, trusted dog trainers in just a few clicks with Bark. 

5 signs your dog needs training

Most people glance over at a dog to remark how cute and fluffy they are. However, these aren’t the only signs your dog could be giving off, especially if their behaviour is causing a real headache or even creating a potential safety risk for other dogs or humans. 

Dog training is essential, and if you are yet to train your dog it could be a lot more noticeable than you think. Here are 5 signs your dog needs training to tell you more. 

Poor obedience 

From pulling on the lead to ignoring your commands, a dog with poor obedience skills can become a real handful to manage. Your dog could even be putting you in danger, especially if it causes an accident such as dragging you into oncoming traffic while on a walk. 

That might sound dramatic, but unfortunately, these types of incidents do occur regularly, especially with dogs that are not trained. That’s why it’s imperative to undertake dog training as soon as your dog is ready, or if you notice any such problems crop up in an older dog. 

Your dog won’t stop barking

All dogs bark at some point, but there’s a difference between the occasional yelp and incessant barking. Not only is constant barking frustrating to you, but it can cause tensions with your neighbours too. Given nuisance dog barking can lead to a prosecution, it’s well worth nipping it in the bud for both your eardrum’s sake and any potential fines that could arise if you don’t. 

There are many reasons why a dog may repeatedly bark. This includes fear, boredom, loneliness, separation anxiety as well as territorial issues. Dog training will help to get to the bottom of why your pooch is so vocal. In turn, this will lead to less frustration in the home and a quieter and happier neighbourhood too.

It eats things it’s not supposed to

From socks to Christmas trees, dogs don’t always leave the nibbling to the contents of their food bowl. If your dog has developed a real problem for eating something it’s not supposed to, then this could be down to a lack of training. In some cases, this issue can also be down to leaving your dog alone for too long. 

While there may be adjustments needed from your side, you can’t allow your dog to continue to eat things it shouldn’t. After all, if it’s not food that is intended for a dog, it could be putting your animal’s health at serious risk. Plus, from a practical point of view, it can also get very expensive to replace everything they chew up. Get a trainer who will point you in the right direction and your sofa will hopefully remain intact. 

Aggression towards other dogs

Taking your dog for a walk should be a pleasant experience for all. However, if your dog suddenly becomes very aggressive when it catches sight of another dog, then it’s time to intervene. It can be tricky to verbally tell a dog to calm down, especially when their animal instincts take over.

Learning how to socialise with dogs correctly is something they will pick up during training. This is important for the safety and wellbeing of your dog, other dogs and the owners you will encounter on walks. 

Separation anxiety

Ideally, dogs shouldn’t be left for long periods on their own. Like humans, dogs need interaction as part of their health and wellbeing. Sometimes it is necessary to leave a dog such as to go to work (they should never be left a full day though) or to head out to the shops. 

If your dog gets very distressed when you leave, or if you come back to find the house destroyed your dog could be suffering from separation anxiety. For the sake of your dog’s mental health, you need to get on top of this issue quickly by seeking training or a behavioural therapist. 

To sum up

Dogs are wonderful creatures who bring us so much joy. However, it’s always good to remember that dogs are animals that need to learn how to behave properly. The above are just some of the signs that mean your dog needs training. However, if you are struggling to control your dog for any reason then it’s also worth contacting a professional.

If your dog needs training, then you can find the best local dog trainers near you with Bark. From poodles to labradors, pugs to spaniels, we’ll connect you with the best professionals to help you train your dog.