Is online tutoring effective for younger children?

Using technology to aid learning is not a new concept. Since the 1990s, many children have benefited from digital learning including educational television shows, specially designed learning laptops, and electronic reading devices such as Leadpads.

Over the past decade, education has come to rely on technology, with digital devices now used widely in schools. This includes interactive whiteboards and tablets which support the teacher, homework tasks involving online games and quizzes, and laptops and computers in the classroom.

It’s vital that children learn to use technology from a young age so that they don’t get left behind in an ever-increasing digital world. But with younger children naturally having a shorter attention span than their older peers, is online tutoring really realistic for younger children?

Can online tutoring work with younger children? 

The good news is, online tutoring can be highly effective with younger children if it is done in the right way. Experienced online private tutors will have a range of tactics to keep your child engaged whilst teaching them everything they need to know.

The benefit of private tuition is that it is generally done on a 1:1 basis, meaning that the online tutor can tailor the sessions to your child’s abilities and interests. A good tutor will also establish which learning techniques are most suited to your child, meaning that they can adapt the teaching materials to be as effective as possible for your child.

How to keep younger children engaged with online tutoring 

The best way to keep your young child engaged with online tutoring is to choose a tutor that your child relates to. It’s important to take your child’s personality into account when choosing a private tutor. Will they connect best with someone who is outgoing and funny or someone who is more reserved and serious?

It’s also important to carefully consider the time that your tutoring sessions occur. For young children, it’s best to avoid the evening when they may be tired. If you’re planning on booking a morning session, it’s a good idea to take your child for a quick walk or encourage them to play outside beforehand to burn off any excess energy so that they are ready to sit still.

To prepare for your child’s first online tuition session, offer your child a healthy snack half an hour before so that they aren’t distracted by hunger during the session. Try to choose a room where there are as little distractions as possible so that your child is able to focus on their learning.

How to find an online tutor

It can be difficult to find the right online tutor for your child. That’s where Bark comes in. Through Bark, you can view the profiles of every available online tutor to find the right one for your family. You can even read reviews from former clients to make sure they’re right for you.

Whether you’re looking for a maths tutor, an English tutor, a French tutor, or even a general primary school tutor, Bark can help. If you’re ready to start your search for an online private tutor for your child, you can find a tutor on Bark.

Keeping cool with Back to School – top tips for kick-starting the Autumn term

Get ready for the school run!
Get ready for the school run!

Just when you thought you had enough on your plate trying to keep the kids busy during the summer holidays, Autumn term comes running round the corner, bringing with it a long to-do list to get them focussed and back into study mode.

We know there can be a lot to remember and little things that can easily slip your mind but not to fret, are here to help with five top tips for preparing for the return of the school run.

  1. Prep the kit: It’s no secret that the start of a new school year involves a lot of additional costs, whether that’s the all-essential new uniform and shoes, funky stationery or a rucksack to help them carry their books home. So make sure you plan ahead and look out for those great back-to-school deals to keep costs down. If you’ve got a particularly long check-list, why not make a day of it? Going with another parent may help ease the stress to it too!
You never know what they might need...
You never know what they might need…
  1. Clear out and organise: Spring cleaning is fairly common place, but what about a Summer spruce? As the warmer months draw to an end, it’s also time to start thinking about packing away the summer dresses and getting out the woollies. It’ll make the morning rush far less stressful, especially for those with big families, if you can avoid wardrobe mix-ups from the outset, as well as keep your little ones happy and sniffle-free. And if you need an extra helping hand, why not look for a local cleaner to ease the load?
  1. Find homework help: For both schoolchildren returning to the classroom, and Mum and Dad at home, the new school year means new level of work to tackle. Being a parent often requires you to also be an ad hoc tutor – but if the thought of racking your brain to remember what an iambic pentameter is, or what SOHCAHTOA stands for, maybe consider a private tutor to help bridge the gap. On, we have a range of specialised professionals available to help children achieve the best grades possible, with backgrounds in subjects including:
  1. Expand their horizons: While keeping on top of studies is vital, we all know the importance of hobbies and work/life balance, so why not look for fun and creative extra-curricular activities to keep your child active and entertained. Whether you’re looking for piano lessons or guitar lessons, dance instructors, martial arts classes or even sculpting teachers, there’ll be plenty of things they can take up in the local area to give them some variety as well as new skills.
DISCLAIMER - Sunday mornings may be sacrificed
DISCLAIMER – Sunday mornings may be sacrificed
  1. Have fun! While the summer holidays may quickly seem like a distant memory, there are plenty of festivities to get the children feeling motivated and excited throughout the autumn months. From harvest festivals, to Bonfire night and, of course, Halloween, there’s family fun to be had all around so get ready for the trick-or-treating! Why not even find a local sewing class and see how creative you can get with your costumes?
Pumpkins, broomsticks and sweeties galore!
Pumpkins, broomsticks and sweeties galore!

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