Concerned that tensions might run high over Christmas dinner?

We’re in a turbulent political climate, with a snap election scheduled for mid December, and the uncertainty around Brexit weighing heavy on many. 

In response to this we’ve launched a new service where friends and families can call upon a trained relationship counsellor to act as a mediator, and help navigate potentially awkward or heated conversations around Brexit and politics.

All experts facilitating this service, are not only trained in relationship counselling and mediation, but are also highly knowledgeable in general politics, the politics of the European Union and Brexit. They are trained to remain impartial while mediating, and instead will focus on how to rebuild relationships and offer advice on how to navigate a debate without it escalating. 

This service is available nationwide, due to the remote nature of the role and is expected to cost £30 for up to 30 minutes, but as with all Bark services, the professional sets the final price. The service will run for the three before Christmas, in the hopes that any differences are solved before the festivities begin!

To hire a Brexit mediator, click here.

If Brexit isn’t an issue in your household, we have other counsellors onsite who can support you in other areas of your life, like relationship, bereavement or family counsellors.