Survival support service launched for new students living away from home

We have launched a service for new students to help them with their new found independence. 

If you’re worried about your young adult heading off to start their new life, the new service is offering structured tutorial sessions for students to become ‘certified’ in life skills.

Our professionals are offering tutorials in life skills such as kitchen cleaning, how to repair clothes and other domestic tasks.

Sessions can be booked for groups of up to six flatmates or friends. Costs are estimated to be around £150 per session, but as with all service providers, support tutors can set their own rates.

If you or a young adult you know needs ‘survival support’ then please click on the service required below for more information on how to book:



Clothing repairs


Oven cleaners

Financial advisors

Kai Feller, co-founder of, said,

“Going to university can be such an exciting yet worrying time for both the student and their parents. A lot of young adults are starting on their journey of independence lacking in skills outside of their subject knowledge and these skill gaps are ones that we feel, can be easily addressed.

“We believe that providing young people with these skills will not only grow their confidence but give them the opportunity to thrive independently, which is exactly what we want and need from our young professionals.”

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