Services to keep your home clean through Covid-19 and beyond

Having a clean and tidy home has always been important for our health. But the coronavirus pandemic has shined a real light on how easy bacteria can spread, especially when it’s invisible. 

Even with the best intentions, it’s not always possible to keep up with the cleaning, especially if you have a busy career or children to take care of. You might not even be able to clean due to a disability or simply find you’re not good at it.

Whether you’re reading this during the covid-19 pandemic or beyond, there are plenty of services that can help keep your home clean.  

Upholstery and furniture cleaning

We spend a lot of time sitting on our sofas, and so do our pets too. Research suggests more bacteria can be found on a sofa than on a toilet seat. Given upholstery isn’t as easy to disinfect as our bathroom surfaces, this probably isn’t a surprise. But when it comes to keeping your home clean it’s impossible to remove dirt, stains and hidden bacteria from soft furnishings with vacuuming alone. 

That’s why it’s time to call in an upholstery and furniture cleaner. Using steam cleaning and professional-grade cleaning solutions, the team will make light work of even the most stubborn stains. But it will also give you peace of mind that your upholstery and furniture is clean, especially when it comes to the areas we interact with most.

Deep cleaning

Cleaning a home thoroughly is a difficult task, especially if you lack the time, skills or inclination to do it. But, it will make light cleaning much easier and benefit your health by removing dust, allergens and areas of dirt from your home. Deep cleaning services are incredibly popular for this reason and can be scheduled as a general clean or to disinfect depending on the contractor’s specialism. 

Either way, knowing your home is absolutely spotless will make a huge difference to all those who use it. The service can involve mopping, vacuuming, dusting, steam cleaning, window cleaning, upholstery cleaning and much more. Every surface will be left clean and sanitised, which is important for our health during Covid-19 and beyond. 

Carpet cleaning

When was the last time your carpets were deep cleaned? Probably never, right? Experts recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. If your carpets are in a high-traffic area of your home, or if they have visible stains on them, then it’s time to call in the experts.

Carpet cleaning professionals will use steam extraction tools to get deep down into your carpet fibres. This will agitate the dirt and allow it to be removed. It can completely transform even the dirtiest of carpets and save you from the cost of having to purchase a new one. Best of all? You’ll be safe in the knowledge your floors are hygienically clean.

Oven cleaning

Our ovens get a lot of action, and if you’ve been working from home they’ve probably been doing overtime. While on the one hand, the extreme temperatures of ovens get our food cooked, it can also encourage grease and food particles to become burnt onto the inside of the oven itself and across your trays.

Professional oven cleaning will remove all traces of debris, without having to spend hours scrubbing it yourself. This includes cleaning the exterior touchpoints, which are commonly interacted with yet we all forget to clean them. 

Gutter cleaning

Gutters are one of the top areas homeowners forget to clean, mostly because they are out of sight and so the dirt is not as visible. But what most people don’t realise is that the state of your gutters can impact your health. That’s because, over time, leaves, twigs and other debris build up in your gutters causing them to become blocked. If rainwater can’t drain away from your home properly, it can lead to damp and mould issues

This in turn can cause respiratory problems due to the mould that has formed on internal walls and ceilings. But it’s so easy to avoid this from happening in the first place. Having your gutters cleaned is a simple process, and the contractor may even use a video camera attached to the equipment to ensure the blockage has been removed. So if you’ve noticed a damp or mould problem in your home, don’t delay in having your gutters checked over by a professional to locate the root cause. 

To sum up

Regular cleaning is one of the best ways to protect your health. Covid-19 aside, many illnesses can occur if dirt is left to build up, even if it’s on the outside of your home such as in the gutters. The good news is that with so many professional cleaning services out there, you don’t have to tackle your cleaning alone. Hiring a professional for your cleaning will not only give you a better result, but it will free up more time for what’s important too.


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