Parents looking to get their kids ahead increase business for tutors on

We have seen a huge surge in demand for tutors in the last month with an 26% increase in tutors since September last year! As well as the spike in requests, we have also discovered a demand from parents looking for GCSE level tutors for their Primary School aged children from parents looking to get their kids ahead from an early age.

To get more specific, there’s been a:

  • 31% rise for Foreign Language tutors
  • 27% rise for Maths tutors
  • 21% rise for English tutors
  • 18% rise for Science tutors

Overall, service requests are up by 26% on this time last year.

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Given the rise, we decided to speak to our network of tutoring professionals and ask why they thought demand for their services has increased so dramatically. A third (33%) said it’s due to the lack of resources in schools and education cuts, while almost a quarter (23%) believed the current state of the economy and lack of jobs is making parents fear for their children’s futures. The amount spent per pupil in English schools has fallen by 8% since 2010, according to analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies**.  

More than two fifths of tutors on the site (42%) said it was common for them to get requests from parents looking for tutors at least two academic years above their child. Of this 42%, 11% said they had even had parents of children under 10 enquire about tutoring to help their child eventually secure a place at a top University.

One in 10 (9%) of our tutors felt that ‘pushy parents’ were responsible for the rise, with 12% of tutors admitting they had turned down work in the past because they felt the child in question was too young to benefit from sessions.   

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Kai Feller, co-founder of, said,

“I’m not the least bit surprised that our tutoring professionals have been experiencing a surge in demand for their services. As schools settle into the new academic year, parents become acutely aware of the competition their children face in the classroom, particularly with recent changes to curriculum and exams.

“As more and more children of millennial parents enter the classroom, we would expect to see this trend continue. Not least because millennial parents know the fierce competition they had to face for even the most basic, entry level jobs. It makes sense they would want to arm their children, the next generation, with as many skills as possible to help them succeed in a challenging economy.   

“Of course, all parents want their children to be successful, but we were surprised to see just how far ahead modern parents are looking in terms of their child’s education. We hope these parents find the tutors they’re looking for and encourage any tutors who haven’t already, to sign up and help them out.”




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