‘Space travel agent’ launched

We’ve launched the world’s first ‘space travel agent’ service after an increase in enquiries from members of the public looking to book travel into space.

The first ‘space travel agent’ service has been created on our site in preparation for when commercial space travel becomes available to the public.

This comes after the announcement that the first space hotel is due to open in three years, and Virgin Galactic is continuing to develop commercial spacecraft.

The space travel agent will work in the same way as regular travel agents to arrange flight times, accommodation and entertainment packages for the travel into space.

You can register your interest here:

Register Interest Now

When holiday packages are available to book, you will be contacted to discuss options and dates.

Kai Feller, co-founder of Bark, said:

“We were initially surprised to see so many enquiries through the site for space travel agents, but news of the first space hotel made us realise there is a gap in the market for this service.

“Being an astronaut is a childhood dream for so many people and while it’s not always attainable for everyone because it’s quite a difficult profession to get in to, this gives people the chance to experience it for a few weeks at leisure.”

Love the Golden Arches? Get paid to eat McDonald’s as a Pro Monopoly Player!

Do you love McDonald’s, like earning money, and have a bit of spare time on your hands? Well if you answered yes to, well, any of those, then we’ve got the job for you!

The McDonald’s Monopoly phenomenon is a hit every year, but people miss out on the big prizes because they either don’t have time, or don’t want to sit around collecting stickers all day. That’s why we’ve launched our newest service – Pro McDonald’s Monopoly Players.

We’ve launched the service to help time-strapped members of the public who are looking to win prizes during the McDonald’s Monopoly period – but can’t be bothered to go out and collect them themselves.

Here’s a list of the prizes up for grabs in the year’s McDonald’s Monopoly campaign – and I’m sure you can see why people would want to get their hands on as many stickers as possible:

  • £100k in cash (4 available)
  • MINI Cooper (15 available)
  • A trip for four to Universal Orlando (20 available)
  • Xbox One games console (400 available)
  • NOW TV smart box and a one-year pass (10,000 available)
  • £250 experience with Red Letter Days (800 available)

If you sign up to be a Monopoly Player you’ll have to provide a photo ID, be subject to a full background check, and be willing to travel around the UK. As well as the hourly rate, which includes the cost of two large meals, there is an option for Pro Players and customers to agree bonuses should prizes be won – so you might even get your hands on a chunk of that £100,000!

Once you’ve been approved as a Monopoly Player, you’ll have to ask your customers specific questions about how they’d like you to carry out the work, the number of meals to buy, which prizes they’re looking for, and how much they’d like to spend on McDonald’s food items, as well as a number of other questions relating to the service.

If you think this sounds right up your street, sign up here:

Sign up as a McDonald’s Monopoly Player

People looking to win McDonald’s Monopoly prizes can book a professional McDonald’s Monopoly Player here.

Hire a Pro McDonald’s Monopoly Player and increase your chances of winning big!

Do you collect McDonald’s Monopoly stickers every year, but win nothing? Do you wish you could get your hands on that £100,000? Or a Mini Cooper? Well our newest service gives you the best possible chance!

Every year the McDonald’s Monopoly phenomenon sweeps the nation, and our new Pro McDonald’s Monopoly Player service is designed to give people the best possible chance at winning big.

I’m sure most of you will remember Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, whose dad buys thousands of Wonka bars and has his factory workers opening them to try and find a Golden Ticket? Well that’s exactly what our Pro McDonald’s Monopoly Players will be doing – finding the big prizes on your behalf, while you get the prizes, without having to do anything!

We’ve launched the service to help time-strapped members of the public who are looking to win prizes during the McDonald’s Monopoly period, but don’t have the time, or don’t want to collect the stickers themselves. It also increases a person’s likelihood of winning bigger prizes by widening the area of the UK they can get stickers from.

If you’re thinking about hiring one, you’ll be asked specific questions about how you’d like your Monopoly Player to carry out the work, number of meals to buy, which prizes you’re looking for, and how much you’d like to spend on McDonald’s food items, as well as a number of other questions relating to the service.

Here’s a list of the prizes up for grabs in the year’s McDonald’s Monopoly campaign – and we’re sure you can see why people would want to get their hands on as many stickers as possible:

  • £100k in cash (4 available)
  • MINI Cooper (15 available)
  • A trip for four to Universal Orlando (20 available)
  • Xbox One games console (400 available)
  • NOW TV smart box and a one-year pass (10,000 available)
  • £250 experience with Red Letter Days (800 available)

People looking to win McDonald’s Monopoly prizes can book a professional McDonald’s Monopoly Player here:

Find McDonald’s Monopoly Players Now

If you’d like to become a Pro Monopoly Player, check out how to sign up here.

Add up to £30,000 to the value of your property with these home renovation projects

British households plough almost £30billion into home improvement projects each year – building extensions, erecting conservatories and converting lofts throughout the country.

There’s no question that investing in your home is one of the most rewarding ways to spend your hard earned cash. But which of the many renovation options on offer will put the most money back into your pocket?

In this week’s blog post, we take a look at four of the most popular home renovation projects on Bark to discover which of them will add the most value to your home.

Cash in on spare garden space with a conservatory

Done correctly, a conservatory costing between £4,000 and £10,000 could increase your home’s value by 5%. Given that the typical UK home is worth £216,750, that’s an average increase of around £10,800.

“Conservatories will add value to a home,” says the National Association of Estate Agents’ managing director, Mark Hayward. “But they need to be made with quality materials and provide a lot of light for the value to be significant.”

Conservatories are cheaper than full home extensions, they don’t require planning permission and they can often be completed within a week or two.

Remember that the ideal conservatory is a stylish segue between your indoor and outdoor spaces. So choose a design that strikes a good balance by adding the extra room without taking up too much garden space.

Find conservatory installers

Add 20% to your home’s value with a loft conversion

Experts agree that creating the space for an extra bedroom in your house is the easiest way to increase its resale value.

One of the most popular ways of doing this is by converting your unused attic space, with one Nationwide Building Society survey suggesting a loft conversion could add up to 20% to the value of your home.

How much your loft conversion will cost depends on the structure and accessibility of your building. But a typical quote from a builder will be somewhere in the region of £10,000-£15,000.

Work can often be completed in as little as six weeks and, unless you’re altering the roofline of your building, you may be able to go ahead with the project without obtaining planning permission.

Find loft conversion specialists

Create a spectacular showpiece with a new kitchen

If you are only going to improve one room in your house, says TV property expert Phil Spencer, you should make it the kitchen.

“This has now become the showpiece of the home,” he explains. “The number one priority is creating a handsome and efficient work surface and ensuring easy access between the three points of the kitchen triangle – that is, the sink, fridge and cooker.”

“Install equipment that is as up to date as possible, so it won’t look outmoded in 10 years,” he adds. “And make sure the price bracket of your kitchen matches the price bracket of your house. There is no point putting a £25,000 kitchen in a £250,000 house.”

Phil says a new kitchen will typically add 4.6% to the value of your house – which translates to nearly £10,000 for the average UK home.

Find kitchen fitters

Transform your home with a property extension

Adding square footage to your home is pretty much a surefire way to boost its value, and there are a range of extension options you can choose from.

Single storey extensions like kitchens, living rooms or dining areas often don’t require planning permission – while a reputable builder should be able to handle getting permission to go ahead with larger renovation projects.

As with any building work, it’s important to compare several quotes before hiring someone. A poor extension can actually damage your home’s resale value, so take the time to shop around until you find the best pro for the job.

Expect to pay upwards of £20,000 for the project and add around 11% to the value of your home – which translates to £28,800 for the average UK home.

Find extension specialists

How to get your garden ready for springtime without lifting a finger

With the recent wintry weather behind us, gardeners up and down the country are heading outside to prepare their gardens for spring.

But, here at Bark, we understand that not everyone wants to spend their spare time shovelling dirt. In the aftermath of Storm Doris, we’ve seen a surge in the number of people requesting gardening and fence repair services on our site – and we think they have the right idea.

Here’s how to complete those essential garden chores and get your outdoor space ready for springtime without ever lifting a finger.

Effortlessly repair damaged fencing

Last week’s stormy weather wrought havoc up and down the country, with 100mph winds buffeting coastlines, destroying fences and causing an estimated £100million worth of damage.

Collecting new timber, removing broken fence panels and digging out stubborn posts can be exhausting work. But there’s no reason you should have to be the one to do it! Place a Bark now to get quotes from local fence repair specialists fast and free.

Find fencing specialists

Clear the gutters without getting your hands dirty

Allowing your gutters to become clogged with leaves and debris can cause serious structural damage to your home, and it’s all too easy to forget about them until something goes badly wrong.

That’s why, at this time of year it’s a great idea to don a pair of heavy gloves, climb a ladder and give those neglected pipes a good seeing to. Or, if you’d prefer not to get your hands dirty, click the link below now and hire someone to do it for you.

Find guttering specialists

Prune shrubs and trees without breaking a sweat

The end of winter is a time for pruning back unwanted branches on your trees and shrubs to make way for new growth.

This is an essential task if you want your plants to remain healthy, safe and growing into an attractive shape. But tree surgery can be dangerous work if you’ve never done it before, and if you’re in any doubt about what you’re doing it’s best left to a professional.

So why not hire an expert to prune your garden this spring? Click the link below and we’ll put you in touch with local pruning specialists fast and free.

Find tree and shrub specialists

Get your garden ready for spring today

In just a few weeks’ time, you’ll be relaxing in the garden with a cool glass of wine. But there’s a lot to get through before then to get your outdoor space looking its best – from weeding beds and repairing trellises to planting bulbs for the year ahead.

Hiring a professional gardener is the best way to tackle those necessary chores quickly and with a minimum of hassle, so your family can enjoy relaxing outside during the warm summer months.

So forget planting, weeding, mowing and seeding. Place a Bark now to get your garden ready for spring without lifting a finger, and find a great pro to keep it looking great all year round.

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Elite Pro Interview: How to hire a great interior designer for your home

Hiring an interior designer is a smart move if you want your home to look its best. Even if you have a natural flare for decorating, drafting in a professional can be an easy way to save time and money.

Whether you already have an idea of what you want, or are starting the project from scratch, a skilled interior designer will work with you to create the home of your dreams.

Here’s what three of our Elite Pros have to say about the best way to hire an interior designer for your next home makeover project.

What services can an interior designer provide?

You can hire an interior designer for projects of all shapes and sizes, from renovating a single room to an ongoing relationship to help you reimagine your living space many times over the years.

But whatever the scope of your home improvement project, the role your interior designer will play can be broken down into three phases: 1) concept design, 2) detailed specifications and 3) implementation.

“Implementation sources and delivers all goods and provides input to the build process on site if required,” explains Decodence’s Elina Helenius. “The concept provides an idea of the desired end state – finishes, materials and layout. The detailed design provides drawings for layout changes.”

Decodence cultivated an air of class for this boutique winery

What should you ask before hiring someone as your interior designer?

Before you begin contacting interior designers, you should have a rough idea of what your home improvement project will involve. Take a look at the space and think about which features you’re ready to change, as well as what impact your lifestyle will have on the finished space.

“Give the designer as much information as you can – including budget, styles, colours, any photos, swatches anything that inspires you,” says Hazel Nutting from Hazel’s Interiors. “And don’t forget to mention any items that you may want to keep.”

She adds: “When choosing an interior designer, you will need to find someone that you get on well with. I believe that if you like their portfolio it will help the process.”

Hazel’s Interiors created this light and airy country home

When you book an interior designer, what happens next?

When you find an interior designer you think you can work with, the next step is to meet in person and hammer out the details of your project.

“The process starts with a first consultation to find out the details of your project and your personal preferences,” explains Dennis Teepe, from Bespoqe Interiors. “Once appointed as your Interior Designer I will provide you with first design ideas and drafts.”

He adds: “After the concept design has been agreed, I will prepare a detailed design including colour schemes, fabrics and furniture recommendations. Sourcing suitable suppliers, overseeing the order and delivery process as well as project management is all part of our service.”

A stylish fireplace centrepiece courtesy of Bespoqe Interiors

How much does hiring an interior designer cost?

The cost of hiring an interior designer can vary wildly depending on the scope of the job and the experience of the professional in question.

“Anyone can set up as an interior designer, and there are many advertising their services who are both untrained and unqualified,” says Hazel. “Their services may be cheaper but the service you receive will be very different and may not meet your requirements. I would make sure that the designer you choose is both qualified and insured too.”

Every interior designer will work differently and charge accordingly – either by the room, on a percentage basis, or even as a fixed lump sum. Comparing quotes from a selection of qualified pros is the best way to ensure the job is done at a price that works for you.

Find interior designers

Why should you hire an interior designer for your next redecorating project?

Hiring an interior designer to remodel your home does more than just save you weeks of time and effort – it can also save you money.

“Updating and decorating your home can be a daunting process for many who just don’t know where to start or how to make the best decision,” says Hazel. “Interior designers are professional people who will take you through the process without any frustrations.”

She adds: “An interior designer can save you both time and money, providing you with a professional design within your budget and timescale with no costly mistakes.”

Find interior designers

Pro Tips: How to improve your chances of getting hired on Bark

Establishing quickly that you’re the right pro for the job is essential when pitching for business on Bark – and that’s why it’s important to make sure your Bark profile looks as professional as possible.

Professionals whose profiles are more than 80% complete get hired 340% more frequently than those who leave theirs just 20% filled out. So, in this week’s blog post, we’ll show you how to fill out your profile and start securing more business with Bark right away.

Step #1: mastering the basics

Your profile is one of the first things customers see when you contact them through Bark, so it’s important to spend some time making yours looks as professional as possible.

When you click the ‘Profile’ tab in your Bark dashboard, one of the first things you’ll see is a space for your Basic Information.

Display pic and name
Upstart Photography is a great example of a professional looking Bark profile

Make sure your company name is both spelt correctly and properly capitalised, and that you’ve uploaded a high resolution image of yourself or your company logo to use as your display picture.

We recommend using your company logo as your profile picture and a self portrait as your avatar in the Bark Messenger – although you may prefer to use the same image for both.

Step #2: promoting your business

In addition to the ‘bare bones’ of your profile, we’ve created a range of extra sections you can use to promote your business and maximise your chances of getting hired. We recommend filling in as many of them as possible.

Use your company description to show people what’s unique about your business. Keep it short and snappy, and try to present your business in a way that captures people’s attention.

Company description
Use your company description to capture a customer’s attention

You can then use the Q&A section of your profile to go into more detail about what makes your business a cut above the rest. Answer as many (or as few) of our suggested questions as you like and we’ll display your responses prominently on your profile.

Step #3: stand out with a 5-star rating

Our research shows that you’re 170% more likely to get hired through Bark if your profile has a rating of 3.5 stars or above – and the more reviews you have, the more likely you are to get hired.

Basic information
Professionals with more than five reviews on their Bark profile are a full 220% more likely to get hired than those with none

That’s why we encourage everyone who joins Bark to ask some of their existing customers to leave their feedback on their Bark profile.

You can do this by emailing previous clients using the ‘Reviews’ tab in your Bark dashboard, by sharing a link to your profile on social media or by adding the Bark reviews badge to your company website.

Step #4:  adding the finishing touches

By the time you’ve chosen your display picture, filled out most of your profile and got your first review, you’re already in a great position to get hired.

But there’s still a wide range of extras you can add to your profile to showcase the quality of your work and boost your SEO ranking – including links to your social media pages, a photo gallery, videos and more.

Picture gallery
Our photo gallery is a great place to showcase examples of your work

These little extras really can help your business stand out from the competition, and could boost your Bark conversion rate by as much as 340%. So spend some time now filling out your Bark profile and start securing more business with Bark today.

Click here and complete your Bark profile now

How to find the best customers for your business with our new ‘dashboard search’ tool

Professionals covering large service areas – or providing many different services – often receive a high number of requests through Bark. So we created a brand new tool to make sure finding the jobs you want to pitch for is always easy.

It’s called “dashboard search” and it lets you quickly filter the requests in your Bark dashboard to find the jobs you want to do the most.

Simply use the brand new search bar at the top of the page in your Requests tab to specify exactly what you’re looking for and find the best customers for your business.

Our new dashboard search tool
The ‘dashboard search’ tool lets you filter your matching Barks to find the best customers for your business

This new search bar lets you filter your matching Barks by: 1) when they were submitted, 2) what they cost to respond to, 3) which category they were placed in and 4) where the job needs doing.

This last feature will be especially useful if you cover a large service area but are most interested in jobs from a specific location, such as your home town.

You can even filter your matching Barks by specific keywords customers use when placing their requests. (For example, customers looking for personal trainers often ask for either “daily” or “weekly” training sessions.)

Try spending an “evening in with Bark” today

‘Dashboard search’ lets you pick out all kinds of customers with the click of a button, from massage clients looking for a male masseur to wedding photography clients within three miles of your home and more.

That’s why we believe it will turn your Bark dashboard into a tool you can use whenever you like to find the best customers for you – whether you’re out on a job, or relaxing at home in front of the TV.

So spend some time today getting to know your new dashboard and using it to find the best customers on Bark.

Search for the best customers for your business now

Here’s what makes Bark customers the best leads for your business

With many of our pros generating thousands of pounds a month using our platform, it’s easy to see why Bark is fast becoming the UK’s favourite lead generation service.

Professionals throughout the country use us on a regular basis to find new customers and grow their business – from wedding photographers in Birmingham to magicians in Canterbury.

To show you why more businesses join our platform every day, here’s a closer look at what makes Bark customers the best leads for your business.

Customers on Bark are actively searching for your services

As a professional on Bark, every potential customer we alert you to is actively seeking the services you provide.

We invest heavily in online campaigns to find people looking to hire everything from balloon twisters to criminal lawyers, and then use ‘service areas‘ to match them with skilled professionals in their area.

For example, we find people looking to hire interior designers in Liverpool by running targeted PPC ads like this one for people who search “Liverpool interior design” on Google:

We find people looking for services online using PPC ads like this one

But if you’ve ever run your own PPC campaigns, you’ll know most people who click these ads aren’t serious about buying your product or service.

So the first thing Bark does is filter out everyone who’s not really serious about paying for your services. If they click our ads but don’t finish placing their Bark, you’ll never hear about them.

See exactly what each customer needs doing for FREE

When we find a customer who needs a service you provide, we then ask them a series of questions about the job they need doing.

At this stage, we also run a series of checks to ensure that they’re serious about hiring someone – such as checking their contact details are valid and ensuring they’ve filled out our questionnaire correctly.

Once we’ve verified that the Bark is genuine, we’ll send you the details free of charge, so you can see if it’s something you’d like to pitch for:

When someone places a Bark, we’ll then email you the details of the job they need doing so you can decide if it’s for you

With other marketing methods, you’ll often end up paying to receive enquiries that aren’t right for your business, but Bark is different.

If you’re busy on the dates the customer needs the work done – or if you just feel the job isn’t something you’re interested in – you can simply ignore the request and wait for something else to come along.

When you see a job you’d like to pitch for on Bark, click the “CONTACT” button next to their request to send the customer a tailored message and access their personal phone number.

No commission, no monthly fees

With thousands of people using Bark every day to find everything from plumbers to web designers, event performers and more – there’s never been a better time to join our service.

You don’t have to pay subscription fees and we don’t take any commission on work you secure through our platform. So, once you’ve responded to a Bark, everything you make from the business is yours to keep.

So why not join the thousands of small businesses who are already profiting with Bark today? Claim your FREE account now and start hearing about customers in your area right away.

Start receiving the best leads for your business today

5 home improvement projects that could shave £880 off your energy bills

When dreaming about which improvements you’d like to make to your home over the coming year, investing in energy efficiency measures probably isn’t at the top of your wish list.

But while flashier purchases like pool tables and granite work surfaces may be more appealing on a superficial level, it’s actually these more “sensible” investments that will really pay off over the longer term.

Taking the time now to stop your home leaking money will help put cash back in your pocket to spend on anything you like. So, today we’d like to share five energy saving projects that could cut your bills by £880 this year alone.


Save £250 a year with this “blanket” for your house

About a third of all heat lost in uninsulated homes leaves through the walls, which is why modern homes are now built with wall cavity insulation.

But, if your home was built before the 1990s there’s a good chance it has hollow wall cavities – meaning you could save up to £250 a year by getting them filled by a professional home insulator.

Think of it as wrapping a blanket around your home to keep everything warm without having to turn up the heating.

Find home insulation specialists


Add value to your home with energy efficient windows

Replacing your draughty old windows and doors with energy efficient, double glazed ones will do a whole lot more than just save you £110 a year on bills.

It also cuts down on noise pollution from outside, helps reduce your carbon footprint and adds significantly to the resale value of your home.

So, although the annual energy savings may well be modest, the many additional benefits you’ll enjoy make double glazing a highly rewarding investment for your home.

Find double glazing installers


The cheapest way to knock £25 off your heating bills

One of the simplest ways to knock a few pounds off your energy bills is to hire a draft proofing expert to survey your home.

Having a professional block up the unwanted gaps that let cold air in and hot air out is cheap and easy to do – and could shave between £25-£35 a year off your bills. Place your Bark now to get quotes from local draft proofing installers fast and free.

Find draft proofing installers


Why a new boiler could save you £255 a year

According to the Energy Saving Trust, heating and hot water accounts for 62% of a typical household’s annual energy costs. That means the quality of your boiler can have a big impact on how much you’re paying – and a clunky old one could be costing you a small fortune.

In fact, hiring an experienced gas engineer to install a modern combi boiler in your home could save you £255 this year alone.

Find boiler technicians


How loft insulation pays for itself many times over

A quarter of all heat is lost through the roof in an uninsulated home. So it should be no surprise that insulating your loft, attic or flat roof can be a simple way to reduce your heating bills by up to £240 a year.

Once properly installed, loft insulation is effective for upwards of 40 years, meaning it has the potential to pay for itself many times over. So place a home insulation Bark now to get quotes from local loft insulation specialists fast and free.

Find loft insulation specialists